Date of birth determines your whole life: how to calculate the number of destiny and change their future

Дата рождения определяет всю жизнь: как рассчитать число судьбы и изменить свое будущее

All the elements of the world have their own energy. This also applies to the numbers in which lies its magic, great strength, closed to our eyes. Especially if they are responsible for date of birth. Numerologists believe that numbers can not only guess, but to change fate. If you correctly calculate your number of fate!

How to calculate the date of birth destiny

Many of us have heard about karma, but few understand what it is. In short — it’s its own state, its own brand, the role we must play in this world. Scientists are convinced that life has no end, it transformirovalsya from one space to another.+

And with her constantly traveling and karma. It depends on the past and present – from who you were in the past and what he did and what part I play in this life and in this world. Mind is difficult to understand and hard to believe, but bio-energy level is possible.+

Fate and karma can be viewed as cause and effect. And to solve them with the help of numerology. And in order to achieve accurate results, it is necessary to apply the calculation by date of birth.+

How to calculate destiny number

To find your energetic number you do not need to spend large time and effort. Fold in one the date, month and year of his birth, and find the sum of these numbers. To make it easier to understand, here is an example.+

So, you were born 20.02.1980. In the calculation it would have to look like this– 2+0+0+2+1+9+8+0. The sum of these numbers is equal to the figure 22, and her you need to break apart and find their sum (2+2=4). This is the energy number, also referred to as the destiny number.+

But it may be the result of more than 9. Then you will need to break this number apart and find their sum. For example, you have left the number 11. Divided into 1+1 and destiny number is 2.+

Odd and even numbers

But that’s not all. There are many different nuances in the calculations. Sometimes, as in our version that the date of birth consists of even numbers. Then we need to power number, add the two, and we get 6.+

Consider the example of odd numbers in your birth date. For example, a person born 15.09.1963 year. 1+5+0+9+1+9+6+3=34. 3+4=7. To this number we must add one and so 7+1=8 – destiny number.

To do the calculation, thus it is necessary only if all even or odd numbers in the date. In other cases, look for the amount of numbers.+

The same month and day of birth

If the day and month of birth are the same, then the resulting from the addition of the number to be multiplied by two. Consider the example: 10.10.1950 splits into 1+0+1+0+1+9+4+0=16, and 1+6=7. As well as numbers here is even, add the two 7+2=9.+

Day and month of birth are the same, so 9 multiplied by 2, the result is 18. This number is greater than 9, so 1+8 = 9. This is the energy number.+

Start decoding destiny number

The number one

Often the number one falls to those people of the past whose lives were spent in selfishness. And if your behavior is the same now, then you need to stop in order to avoid a lot of trouble. The reason can be the broken promises or the betrayal that relate to a loved one. So you are not all so smoothly in his personal life, does not fit friendship.+

But do not assume the loneliness and difficulty in communication incorrigible. Perhaps you have a different karmic mission in this world. Value your relationship, whatever they were. That’s when you don’t have to lament the fate, because it will be more favorable to you.+

Number two

In past lives you were too trusting, which caused a lot of trouble. It’s time to learn! Do not communicate with those people from whom you have constant problems. Avoid them.+

Do not be afraid to abandon your friends and loved ones, if you don’t feel happy with them, do not torture yourself. But do not also too long to be alone. Think about the future, go to your goal. You will find a place for the family and loyal friends.+

Number three

Your life is woven predominantly of creativity and work. They are your destiny. You are emotional breakdowns, beware of them. Find a hobby, occupy yourself with something.+

You have to cope with their troubles, like no other you will not help in this. It is likely that in past lives you have been free from the groping. And now you spend a lot of time to achieve their goals, so the chance to fail is reduced. And don’t underestimate yourself, you are very strong.+

The number four

In past lives (one of them) has betrayed you, and now you’re looking for a reason to meet with her abuser. This can involve regular meetings with people who have a bad influence on your behavior or looking for profit.+

Do not trust everyone and your troubles will end. Especially because in your life there are people who love you and admire you. Thus karma is paying you for the caused trouble.+

The number five

This number represents the absence of the big risk for life. But you need to take into account the fact that, having achieved great heights, you should not perk up. To lose all you can in an instant.+

For each success you have to pay a large fee, and spend a lot of effort. Otherwise you will get karmic retribution. Learn gratitude to those who helped you achieve success.+

Your past life was marked by niggling and selfishness, lack of helping other people who needed your support. Now you will pay for it. It’s time to clear your reputation.+

The number six

You have the gift of clairvoyance, able to see the future. But sometimes in this you have the ability, there are failures. Catch signals that are sent to you by fate. Through the Universe you will be able to provide security for themselves and their families.+

In other lives, you have been in the dark, nobody was interested in your future. And now you are the master of your destiny, you control. In addition, your karma is most pure.+

Look to yourself, maybe you really is an unearthly power, a gift from God. It is not enough who in this world is lucky to have such abilities, and you only need to find them. They are hidden not too deep, watch for them.+

The number seven

You have superentity, which is your greatest asset. In another life you are someone the wrong way, so you shouldn’t have lost your time and effort. But now you are a free man, giving you the opportunity to achieve higher goals. You have the cleanest energy.+

You don’t need to be torn between work and family, because you all have time to Believe in yourself you can cope with all initiatives. Don’t deter yourself from others, don’t be selfish.+

The number eight

Your past life is marked by selfishness. You will have to pay for indifference to others, for injuries caused in this life. Be prepared to walk in a circle until you pay the past fully.+

From your actions hurt many people, and all because you did what was beneficial for you. You never thought other, did not take into account their opinion. But in this life you will have to repay that debt. Not to offend the fate.+

You have the chance to correct all the mistakes of the past. Comply with the law and accepted rules of behavior. In this case, you will have the gratitude of the Universe. You will find peace and happiness.+

The number nine

In another life you foolishly lost something dear. But this life gives you the opportunity to be happy. Therefore, the fate sends you signals that you need to consider in the maelstrom of events.+

Be very careful — it’s not as easy as it seems. Don’t miss your chance to make their fate more colorful. Let it will be smooth.+

The numbers can teach us a lot, to tell you how to behave on special occasions. But they can also be wrong. Want to achieve something? Then go ahead, achieve your desired on their own! The result is worth it!

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