Daughter Elena Kravetz lives separately from his family

Дочь Елены Кравец живет отдельно от семьи

Publication “lime” reports that in the new TV show “Tantsi z with a stars” celebrity admitted that her 16-year-old daughter of the Magician has long lived apart from the family.

In the show, she confirmed this fact, but the reason for this decision did not call. However, in an earlier interview Kravets was told why the girl lives far away from his mother.

Kravets said that her family had difficulties with the housing issue and it is not sign how to solve these inconveniences. But in the process of finding a solution to the family of umoristi received an interesting offer from friends. Her friends suggested that the eldest daughter of the artist lived with their daughter.

It is worth noting that the family Kravets three children: Mary born in 2003, and twins Ivan and Ekaterina 2016 birth.

The star admitted that her daughter still lives alone and watches every edition of the TV show “Dances with stars z”, then sends her messages with comments to dance.

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