Daughter of Snezhana Egorova Stasia Rovinskaya: my Mom wanted grandchildren to call her favorite

Дочь Снежаны Егоровой Стася Ровинская:  Мама просила внуков называть ее любимая

Daughter of Snezhana Egorova Stasia Rovinsky: “my Mom wanted grandchildren to call her my love.” [photo]
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Stasia during the filming of the series “Officer on call”. It looks like the e character Sofia. Photo: “2+2”.

The actress visited us and spoke about the filming of the series “Officer on call” and his family.

Actress Stacy Rovinsky we noticed on the filming of the third season of the series “Officer on call” which channel “2+2” promises to broadcast in August (she is the main female role). And while in the filming process, she scheduled a break, we did not miss the opportunity to meet and talk with the actress about the film and her famous family. And although the girl does not like to put his name on display, the family she has really known. 25-year-old Beyonce – the eldest daughter of the actress and the TV presenter Snezhana Egorova and Director Gorowa Seeds. So everything in the queue and in detail.

I’m still that dreamer!”

– Stasia, the first season of the series was held with good performance, so, perhaps, and the samples were already more picky. Why do you think they chose you?

– I auditioned for the first season of “Opera on call”, but failed. Said I was too soft. So when called now, was very surprised. And he called that evening, and the samples had to come the next day, having learned with 7 sheets of text. By the way, the day before the trial my colleague casually acquainted me with the main character Pasha Vishnyakov. I then decided that if fate, it would be, and relaxed. In the end I called and said I got it. To be honest, I thought I’ll choose the other girl. I’m so Director Taras Tkachenko and said it is perfect! Taras then long were surprised, saying, the first time in my life I see that one actress said that the other is better suited for the role than she.

– You play materu crook Sofia. In life you well, not like a swindler!

The series is shot by four Director: Taras Tkachenko, Zaza Buadze, Alexander Parkhomenko and Denis Tarasov. All very cool, but different. They have a different vision of the character and the series.

Even the writer it is different. At the audition I was told: “Play Tomboy, whether bold, cool!” Then comes the writer and says: “I Watched your audition, you are so daring, and Sophie – she’s feminine, soft.” Every time you need to find a compromise, because she sees me bold a Tomboy, the other yoke. I do think that everyone takes their movie. But I was very lucky. My character is constantly reborn, she has many different characters. So there’s a sense that you’re doing once in 5-6 different projects. Difficult but interesting.

– How do you manage to overcome his goodness?

– Yes, there is – in life I am humble and shy. Sometimes, telling me: “You’re an actress, sing, dance, tell a joke, a poem”. It constantly binds me. It is especially annoying when you genuinely want to convey something to the person, and you say: “Well, you’re an actress. All clear”. This is very insulting. And in the frame or on the stage I forget about everything and re-disclosed.

– You are in your life faced with a Scam? Duped you ever?

– No, I was not duped. But I’m still the same dreamer! (laughs) Sometimes a child could invent, to steal money from my parents. Not that I don’t have enough, just for fun. I did not believed that lie. I was just fantasizing.

– If the dream… In “Opera on call” you will love with the main character?

– I don’t know, honestly. Logically, if some connection is between the main characters. But for us, it also remains intriguing, because the script is written in the process.

Дочь Снежаны Егоровой Стася Ровинская:  Мама просила внуков называть ее любимая

Will the love between the characters Rovenskoy Stacy and Paul Evdokimov, learn from the series. Photo: “2+2”.

“Dad said he didn’t want my daughter to work”

– You played in “Best of” week of my life”, which was shot by your father, Semyon Gorov. What was it like?

– It is difficult. When they called me to audition, I wasn’t told who the Director is. He knew I was coming, and I’m not. Came to trial six times, maybe more, and every time he yelled at me and said that it is not so. Said he did not want my daughter to work, but I liked the producers. He was against it, because I was worried to make this work.

The entire first day of shooting I cried, he yelled, he didn’t like, it wasn’t like he was exposed to almost every sentence… there was even a moment during filming he led me out the door and said, “If you think I’m picking on you, you’re an actress, neither the first nor the second is not true”. It was awful. When filming ended, he said, “Thank you, it was so cool! You’re so turned out funny, silly, in a good way.” So I have always had stress. And all blissed out. When I ask, how do you work with Gorowyn, they all say, “I Love him, he’s so cool, funny”.

– When I asked him how he worked with his daughter, he said: “Brought to tears a couple of times, but she understands everything”. Really? You know?

– On the one hand, you know. But I wanted to take the initiative, and I was afraid.

Дочь Снежаны Егоровой Стася Ровинская:  Мама просила внуков называть ее любимая

With father Simon by Gorowyn. Photo: Instagram

– Offense was?

Was. The scene where I had to cry, very good (laughs). I was so brought to tears, in the frame very well.

In the set you hide the fact that he’s your dad? That was not talking?

– Well, how… Come and say: “Hello, I am the daughter Seeds Horova”? When asked, I said. I have never in my life was not like this, so I was seen as someone’s daughter. When they find out who I am, the most interesting phrase is: “Turns out you’re normal!”

– Went to star in Gorowa again?

After filming with him have nothing to fear.

– There were moments when I wanted to ask mom or dad, like, mention me here and there?

– No. When I entered the Kiev national University of theatre, cinema and television named after Karpenko-Kary, I asked mother not to come. Almost all the students were parents, and I’m not allowed. First, I was afraid of criticism, they are always very much criticize me. Secondly, I do not want them to interfere.

Never was such that I asked for. I didn’t want to keep me stretched trail parents. Someone bad to my mom refers to someone like my dad, someone does not like it. All when they find out whose daughter I am, look at me differently. When others were concessions, I have never had a margin for error, otherwise you’d have said that nature for me to rest. Although, when I’ve done it all, still everyone said that mom and dad figured it out..

– And who decided that you’re an actress?

– I couldn’t decide where to do it. Wanted on international relations, and design, and journalism. And mom helped me to decide. She agreed with the actress Vera Kobzar, to work out with me. And, through Faith, I wanted to be an actress. But, first and foremost, it’s mom’s credit – she pushed me.

– That is, from childhood you haven’t dreamed about it?

– No. And I didn’t want, and parents don’t want. Dad always told me: “You’re too smart for an actress, you better be a Director.”

– You say that the parents you criticized. It’s a method of education through criticism?

They have always been very critical to me. Mom says I am the experimental child. I’m the eldest, so I learned how to behave with children. I always felt sad that other children have a different attitude, more confidence, a little longer let them walk. And I to 8 and all. Me to 6th grade in school drove.

I remember in University, I played Alice in Wonderland. Invited parents. God, I’m defeated, said that was the worst! Even my teachers were in shock that I have arranged. But I guess it gives an incentive to develop and move forward.

“My husband met when I was 13 and he was 17”

– You took her husband’s name. Didn’t want to leave her?

We have not even discussed. On the contrary, I was happy. And I love my new last name. My old me was more hindrance than help. And in General, I think women need to change surname if she marries.

The husband criticizes you?

– No. Except to say: “I think you’ve nadogradi”. He is very supportive in everything I do, always says that I’m talented. It is very nice.

Is he jealous of your partners on the set?

– I think jealous. But, in moderation, without any scandals and tantrums. He’s not the profession, it is difficult for him to understand that it’s just a job. When I ask him to read me the script, and he sees the word kiss, wondering how we were going to kiss. I try to explain to him that on the set a lot of people, this is not an intimate, and often you don’t even kiss really, just the operator catches a desired angle.

– You married young, gave birth to two sons. Parents are not told that instead of the scene you go into a family?

– Mother gave birth to me in 20 years, and I have my eldest son at 21. I wasn’t planning to, honestly, everything happened by itself. My husband and I went to the same school, Yaroslav – my first love. When we met, I was 13 years old, he’s 17. It was love all the girls at school. And he liked me, youngster. And when I was 14 and he was 18, we barely met. Walked, talked. I was embarrassed even to kiss, and all the while making excuses why not. For example, that my lips were chapped or I was sick. It is clear that he dumped me. He had been Dating with another girl, I dated other guys. And then he broke up with a girl, I’m with a guy, we met and never parted. Went along to rest, began to live together, I got pregnant, got married.

Don’t know, I had no fear that will something is wrong. I gave birth to, and 3 months later starred in the movie. Being pregnant with her second child, shot up to 6 months, and played the mistress, the harlot. Under certain angles and in the right dress, there was nothing noticeable. It seems to me that children are only encouraged to move forward.

Дочь Снежаны Егоровой Стася Ровинская:  Мама просила внуков называть ее любимая

My husband and Yaroslav. Photo: Instagram

– Is it true that you and your husband got married and even your parents didn’t know? Why all the secrecy?

Is so hyped. We just didn’t plan. I was already pregnant when we decided to get married. And when you’re pregnant, take the help and can the same day to go to the registry office, no need to wait a month. So we woke up this morning and decided to go to sign. After you have called the parents and said. On the same day in the evening I had another show. So congratulations dad, grandma, friends came to the theater.

We were married in January, so shook when warmer. Then I gave birth, and we combined the party-the wedding and the christening of his son. Called all and a very soulful time. I didn’t want a poofy dress. I had embroidery and sheer long skirt.

“Grandpa says that Evan is a freak like him”

– Is it difficult to combine career with a leading actress with raising two children?

– Difficult, but interesting. They all help me. I’m the eldest of five children in the family. I have always been with children as a nanny. And I raised them too. I grew up behind the scenes in restaurants, clubs, where events were my parents. So for me it’s a normal life, I morally harder just to stay home.

– Grandmother of Snezana helps?

– No. She says: “I am the grandmother of a holiday.” If you ask, I am sure it will help at any time. But it also has small children, her need to help. Helps me, my grandmother, who is 72. We have it Zippy. But recently, the grandmother was away for a week, and my husband 9 days he used to babysit the kids while I was filming.

Дочь Снежаны Егоровой Стася Ровинская:  Мама просила внуков называть ее любимая

Snezhana and Beyonce are very similar. Photo: Instagram

– And grandma-the holiday as they are entertained?

Since me and Sasha, my younger sister, she was very strict, with younger children has become more soft. And with their grandchildren, she says, is already just catches pleasure. I small prohibit chocolate and she brings six chests of chocolate and says grandma.

– They call it the three bears or a grandmother?

She had a period when she said, “Well, I am grandma, let them call me”. Tried to and beloved name, and a Rose… But call her grandma.

– How is she feeling? She’s had a difficult period in life.

My mother for so many difficult periods experienced! It seems to me that some after these periods do not survive, and she copes. I think this period should be taken as reason to relax, to think, to gather, and everything will be OK.

– Everyone was shocked by her video from the hospital.

– It happens. But she is the person who can endure a lot. I don’t know what it all, but I think she can handle it. It’s all good.

– You were leading to “Straight”, where she retired. In fact, the canal was the cause of her poor health. You were working there?

No, I too left the channel. I was told the filmmakers: “why do you want to go? You can stay”. But I think it’s like a deal with his conscience. I did not think it acceptable to stay. As it is not considered acceptable the action of the channel.

They did not apologize?

– No. It is on their conscience.

– And grandpa Simon often comes to visit grandchildren?

– Grandfather the Seeds they saw four times in my life. He is all the time in the cycle of events. In just no time. We meet up for holidays, birthdays. He’s not a grandfather in the traditional sense of the word. He Manalac gave toys, he just loves them, comes up with some stories, sings songs. And one said: “This is grandpa Sam taught me”. What will they think of next! We also always waiting, like a holiday.

– He doesn’t mind that his grandfather called?

– No. But when I got pregnant, I said to all my relatives and dad to tell why-that were afraid. Said his mother: “did you know that you’ll be a grandfather?” And he told her: “what? What I’m a grandfather? I myself have a fiance”. (laughs) actually he perfectly accepts the fact that he’s a grandfather. Evan, I think a lot like him, and he likes a lot. Says that Evan is a freak like he is.

“Childbirth in America – it’s advanced features”

– You gave birth to two sons in America. Wanted children were Americans?

– Originally it was my mom’s idea. She introduced us to friends who had given birth in America. Actually it was all done not for himself. This is an additional opportunity for children. If sons want to study there and work, they will be much easier to do it than us.

– But Sasha is still there is studying to be an actress?

– Yes, there is. Already finished learning. Wants to go back. ‘ve already used it. She has a boyfriend. He is a musician. Even the groom! Married going. And, incidentally, also in 20 years!

– Have you thought ever about emigration?

– Such thoughts, I think, every person have. America I was once close to. Probably due to the fact that there live many different peoples. But I like Ukraine.

Дочь Снежаны Егоровой Стася Ровинская:  Мама просила внуков называть ее любимая

Stacy have two sons: Evan and Aeneas. Photo: Instagram

– One of your son’s name is Evan, the other Aeneas. Aeneas, honestly, the name is very unusual. Who invented it?

– I came up with and older and younger. So my husband constantly makes fun and comes up with silly girly names. We want another daughter so choose his turn.

I had a dream that my husband offers me to call her son Aeneas. I told him this story and he agreed.

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