Davie has delivered the vessel “Asterix”, while respecting budgets and timelines

Photo: royal canadian Navy
The supply vessel “Asterix” wet since Wednesday at the port of Halifax.

The all-new supply ship Asterix, of the royal canadian Navy, left last Saturday of the shipyard Davie, Lévis, in the direction of the port of Halifax, and he was preparing to take off to train his crew mixed civil and military.


The Shipyard Davie has transformed a container civilian “auxiliary oiler replenishment vessel, provisional” for the canadian Navy. The company Levis has complied with the budgets and the timetable for its delivery, which is rather rare in this sector, but Ottawa has not yet been given a new contract, and workers are worried.


The Asterix wet since Wednesday at the port of Halifax. The Shipyard Davie argues that this was the first ship of the naval support of the class “Resolve” will provide ” a broad range of capabilities to the Navy, ranging from a replenishment at sea with fuel and cargo to the air support, by way of the medical support to the fleet and humanitarian relief and disaster response “.


The Navy leases the vessel manufacturer’s Federal Fleet Services for a five-year lease, with a renewal option for another five years. The company is also ready to sell the ship to the Navy, and is trying to get the contract for a second tanker, the Obelix, who would also be built by Davie, but Ottawa does not seem interested.


John Schmidt, vice-president at Federal Fleet Services believes that the final grade for the taxpayers could reach 659 million, including the cost of labor. The federal government has already indicated that it wanted to acquire in Vancouver its second supply vessel in 2021. The shipyard Vancouver has concluded a contract of $ 4.1 billion for the construction of two vessels.


The delivery of the Asterix and the absence of any other major order in Ottawa have already resulted in the layoff of 113 people at the Shipyard Davie, and the future of some 800 jobs are in danger. While recognizing the expertise of the Construction workers Davie, the federal minister of Transport, Marc Garneau, has argued that the government ” analyze the situation “.


“You can’t artificially create a need that does not exist “, he stated in the beginning of December, in reference to the second mothership, the Obelix, the Navy no longer wants. “However, the federal government needs vis-à-vis the canadian Navy, coast Guard, ferries, federal “, noted Mr. Garneau then that several hundreds of people, including the prime minister, Philippe Couillard, were demonstrating in the street to support workers in the Shipyard Davie.

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