Day 24 Oct. Memorable dates and events

День 24 октября. Памятные даты и события

Today the world community celebrates the Day of the United Nations and the world day against polio.

День 24 октября. Памятные даты и события

On this day in 1945, entered into force the UN Charter signed on 26 June 1945 in San Francisco. The United Nations officially came into the world since the ratification of this founding document by the majority of its members, including the five permanent members of the Security Council.

As you know, the UN is a universal international organization, which activity is aimed at ensuring international security and peace; it organizes cooperation and supports the development of friendly relations between States.

The fundamental principles of the organization is the sovereign equality of States, noninterference in their internal Affairs, resolving disputes through peaceful means, observance of international obligations of States, the collective participation of the membership in UN operations. Among the 51 States founder of the United Nations was Ukraine. UN day is celebrated since 1948. In 1971, the UN General Assembly recommended that member States celebrate this day as a national holiday.

***However, today the world day of fight against polio, which is celebrated from 2012 on the initiative of international non-governmental non-religious and non-political charitable organization, the rotary (Rotary International) and under the auspices of the world health organization (who).

День 24 октября. Памятные даты и события

The date of this international day was not chosen by accident — 24 Oct 1914 born Jonas Salk, an American epidemiologist and virologist who developed the first vaccine against poliomyelitis — children’s spinal paralysis. Polio is a highly contagious infectious disease caused by the polio virus.

The virus attacks the nervous system and can cause paralysis or even death within a few hours. Cure for polio does not exist. Immunization is the only way to protect against disease.

Safe and effective vaccines exist, and they are very important to protect children against polio. Vaccination is carried out several times and protects a child for life.

Since 1988 the number of polio cases worldwide have dropped by 99%. In 1994, the Americas became the first areas free of polio. Six years doctors and scientists have been able to formally eliminate the disease in 36 countries of the Pacific region, including China and Australia, and two years later, risk came out and Europe, defeating polio in 2002. Despite the fact that this dangerous disease nearly defeated, from time to time there are outbreaks of the disease.

According to the who, recently recorded cases of polio in Congo, Syria and Pakistan. And yet the world will have at least one infected child, the risk of Contracting polio will be children in all countries.

Ukraine is one of the few countries in the world with a high risk of polio outbreaks due to low coverage of immunization for children. Lobbying against vaccination, skepticism and disinformation of the population about vaccinations in Ukraine are some of the reasons for the rapid decline in immunization coverage. According to the UNICEF survey, only 46% of the population has a positive attitude towards immunization. This has already led to outbreaks of infectious diseases in recent years in Ukraine, such as measles, rubella, pertussis, epidemic parotitis (mumps).

Day date:

526 years from the date of birth of Paracelsus (Philip Theophrastus bombast Aureolus von Hohenheim; 1493-1541), a doctor of the Renaissance, chemist, philosopher, Professor at the University of Basel. The founder of jatrohimii.

День 24 октября. Памятные даты и события

The portrait of Quentin masseysa (Wikipedia)

First used in the treatment of chemical drugs, introduced a lot of drugs, set the dosage. To him belongs the statement: “All is poison, nothing is deprived of it; only the dosage makes the poison invisible” (“All is poison, all — medicine; that, and the other defines dose”).

Paracelsus was a brilliant man. He traveled the length and breadth of Europe, raising up patients who were considered hopeless before. Not afraid of any plague, nor cholera, successfully treated common in those days syphilis, by applying in the treatment preparations of mercury, and indeed was a man of independent behaviors, and attitudes.

His lectures at the University of Basel Paracelsus did not read in Latin and in German language, leaving thus a challenge to the academic tradition. The students adored him and colleagues envied, hated and feared at the same time accusing behind of heresy. That’s why he was forced to leave Basel, Nuremberg, Leipzig… Only after the world saw his “Big surgery”, Paracelsus talked about as the great physician. The last years of his life he lived in Salzburg, where he died.

152 years from the date of birth of Mykola Bilyashivsky (1867-1926), a Ukrainian archaeologist, ethnographer, art historian. In 1902-1923, he was the head of the Kiev historical Museum (then called the city of Kyiv art-industrial and scientific Museum). Studied archaeological monuments on the territory of Ukraine from the stone age to the early middle ages. Scientist has done a lot for the development of museology in Ukraine. In 1910 he became a founding member of the Kyiv society for the protection of ancient monuments and art, whose activities are extended to all Ukrainian land. Searched for and collected manuscripts and artistic heritage of Taras Shevchenko. He was buried in Kanev.


Today is the birthday of Lesya Dychko (1939), the Ukrainian composer, one of the most famous choral composers of Ukraine.

День 24 октября. Памятные даты и события

People’s artist of Ukraine (1995), laureate of the State prize of Ukraine. Shevchenko (1989).

The author of the cantata “Red Kalina”, the oratorio “Four seasons”, “India-Lakshmi”, ballets “Predawn lights”, “Kateryna Bilokur”; symphonies, masses.

Lesia Dychko was born in a family of intelligent, musically gifted parents, who immediately showed exceptional musical talent of his daughter. Her grandfather and grandmother were arrested, my father was raised in an orphanage.

…The girl graduated from the Kiev children’s music school № 2, extended training in special secondary music school named after N. In. Lysenko. After finishing high school was a Conservatory, a graduate school, where, among other well-known teachers, her mentors was Konstantin Dankevich in Kiev and Nikolai Ivanovich Peyko in Moscow.

In addition to the Conservatory, Lesya Dychko went to art and theatre institutions. From childhood she was a very cheerful and optimistic. Family and friends called her “the eternal dreamer”. It has not lost these qualities to this day. Very funny-imagine his life without music: “I have a very happy fate. All my life I gave to music. I if I had to start all over again, I would choose music. Music, music and only music.”

Anniversary of death:

The day of memory of Mikhail Semenko (1892-1937), the Ukrainian poetics, theorist of art history. Founder and theoretician of Ukrainian futurism. Introduced in the Ukrainian poetic urban language and scientific-technical terminology.

День 24 октября. Памятные даты и события

Born Mikhail Semenko in the region. The father of the clerk to the County Council, the mother — writer, author of the populist short stories and novels (alias Mary Proskurina).

He graduated from Khorol real school, three courses of the St. Petersburg psychoneurological Institute.

He worked as a Telegraph operator in Vladivostok; in 1924-1927 editor — in-chief of the Odessa film Studio HFSA, in 1927 — the founder of the futurist organization “New generation” in Kharkov.

1929 — Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian Association of revolutionary cinema. Participant of the 1st Congress of the Union of writers of Ukraine (1934). Charged with “active counter-revolutionary activities” were arrested in April 1937.

Shot October 24, 1937. The author of the collections “Adventures”, “Kuropalates”, “Pierrot sets”, “Pierrot love”, “the rays of the threats”, “Europe and we”, “China in flames”, etc.

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