Day “magical” for the Carnival

Journée «féérique» pour le Carnaval

The carnival-goers were treated to a launch of the Carnival in “a magical setting” and under a myriad of flakes, on Friday night, while they were more than a thousand to participate in the first edition of the evening hip-hop.

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It is on a carpet of snow and well supplied and the sound of the music of the group Alaclair Ensemble that Man has made his entrance on stage.

By performing its traditional dance, he wished a merry carnival to visitors who braved the storm to attend the event.

“We had ordered a small white carpet, but the supplier was mistaken in the measures “, launched at the joke the director-general of the Quebec winter Carnival, Mélanie Raymond.

“Seriously, the scenery is magical “, she added, a few minutes before Fouki and Quiet Mike make their entrance on stage.

At the present time, it is a little early to say that the night hip-hop will be renewed next year, but for the time being, the evening is a success, according to Ms. Raymond.

The customer sought answered, “even if she had many reasons not to come,” she said in reference to the difficult road conditions.

Weather carnival

If the atmosphere was rather gloomy and chaotic on the roads of the Old Capital, it was quite otherwise in the pre-stage of the show, in front of the national Assembly. For the most part, a Carnival without snow is not one of them.

“It seems that the organisers have arranged with the weather ! The atmosphere is superb, finds Raphael Réhaume. We couldn’t ask for better. “

“Thanks to the love of the crowd and our ski goggles, one is warm and one can enjoy ample of the show !” adds Sandrine Leroux, swinging her arms in the air to the rhythm of the songs.

Traditional parade

We should remember that it is Saturday, at 19 h, will take place the traditional parade of the Carnival on Grande Allée. Eight different sequences will flow between the avenue of Maples and Honoré-Mercier.

Friday, the website of glide The North Slope has been closed due to reasons of ” technical conditions are difficult.” However, the director-general of the event ensures that all sites will be open and accessible on Saturday.

The parades of the carnival


On Grande-Allée, from the avenue of Maple trees up at Honoré-Mercier

  • Eight separate sequences
  • Several hundred artists and dancers
  • The carnival-goers are invited to warm up and to do the party at the Camp in Jos before and after the parade, to the place George-V.


  • -14 degrees Celsius expected in the thermometer, with wind chill of -25.
  • No precipitation of snow in perspective.