Day makeup in 3 minutes: step by step instructions

How to do daytime make-up to sleep ten minutes more?

Денний макіяж за 3 хвилини: покрокова інструкція

Makeup “takes” a lot of time, especially in the morning. Every girl does makeup differently, because we all have our favorite products and techniques. We decided to experiment and do your makeup in three minutes. For a time the arrows to draw is difficult enough, but to emphasize their natural beauty – it is quite possible, informs Rus.Media.

Remember that before starting the makeup you need to carefully cleanse your face after a night when toxins. Use a cleanser and toner. Then the cream and at the request of the serum.


Step 1. Application of Foundation is 1.5 to 2 minutes, so we chose powder. Use a fluffy brush or sponge. If the skin has minor imperfections or pimples – mask (optional) with the headlight.


Step 2. Draw the eyebrows. In order to quickly cope with this task – choose your favorite product that you use on a daily basis. Our favorite – set makeup (shadow and setting wax).


One of the trends this season – a gentle blush on his cheeks. Use this tool on a few areas. Refresh and give the skin a soft you can use several ways. Go with a fluffy brush on the “dimpled” cheeks, across of eyes and upper hairline on your forehead. The pigment should not be too bright, and should resemble a light veil. Choose a universal shade? Note the peachy-pink or beige.


Add a gentle glow on your cheekbones by using a corrector. Use your favorite texture. You can also add a little pigment on the upper lip.


It is time to use mascara. For daytime makeup, it is sufficient to paint over top and bottom lashes in a single layer. That’s all!


The final touch is a glossy sheen on the lips. It’s one of the fashion trends of this season. Add a seductive volume, you can use the products containing hyaluronic acid, menthol and pepper.

At the last second, take off the shelf your favorite flavor, because it will emphasize your individuality!