Day of anger in Ukraine. In Kiev and regions held pickets

День гнева на Украине. В Киеве и в регионах проходят пикеты

© AFP Sergei SUPINSKY Thursday, November 14, Ukraine witnessed a series of protests from the mining to the nationalist. Fanning popular anger although it looks staged, but that is not unfounded.The power rating is reduced. Recent sociological surveys show that people are disappointed and believes that the country is again moving in the direction of development. The political scientist Ruslan Bortnik on the page in Facebook wrote: “Started the trend of disappointment. Another poll from the Center. Razumkov: the number of Ukrainians who believe that the country is moving in the right direction fell by 20% to 37.5% and almost equal with those who believe that the country “turned the wrong way” (35%). The balance of “trust-distrust” Goncharuk left in a minus 3%, Zelensky saves +44% (with a total support 68% and -11% for 2 months)”.

The action of the miners

In the regions the buildup of the situation is made traditionally by national economic sector. First, traditionally for Ukraine, are the miners. Strong and politicized trade unions make this force effective to fight against any government. So it was under Kuchma, so it is with Zelensky. November 14, longtime head of the Independent trade Union of miners Mikhail Volynets announced the event: “Tomorrow, Thursday, the miners “SelidovUgol” and other associations still going to picket the Donetsk regional state administration in the city of Kramatorsk. Demanding repayment of wage arrears in full and restore order in the coal mines. The miners “Pervomayskugol” continue to remain under ground until the payroll on the cards. Miners SE “lvovugol” preparing tomorrow to go to Lviv. “Mirrorball”, “SelidovUgol” and “lvovugol” called for the vigil accountants, Packed now the salary of miners. If tomorrow the salary will be credited to a payroll card of the miners, the conditions of protest will be adjusted by Union.”The reason for the miners to protest powerful — im 7 months salaries are not paid. The miners are desperate that their wives picketed the regional administration, they refuse to climb out of the mine on the ground. The state of the mining industry of Ukraine, or rather what was left of it described the political scientist Alexander Rechmedilov: “every day more people say goodbye to illusions about the new team in government. The President, apparently, does not understand or pretends not to understand many processes from Economics to management of your big fraction. In General, he was tired, he was very upset. Meanwhile, “not a business partner,” the President is destroying the coal mining industry. Ukrainian mines has been stopped for months the miners have not been paid. All because of the “clever” management “Centrenergo”, which consists in the supply of coal from Russia at a cheap price, the electricity produced from it, is sold to companies Igor Valerievich at reduced rates. How can that be with thousands of miners ‘ families, who are deprived of livelihood, Mr. President? Why only after the pressure of the opposition forces, the Cabinet of Ministers allocated money? Why do we always see the consequence, not the work in advance? Sooner or later, people are going to say goodbye to illusions about the new team and new management practices of our beloved country.”

Action scientists

If the miners and workers protest as usual, but because professional, so the scientists go out often. November 14 was that rare day. Representatives of science also came under the Verkhovna Rada with the demands of higher wages, to protest against poverty. The occasion was the adoption of the law on the budget for 2020. In this volume of science financing actually puts an end to its development. In the early 1990s on science in Ukraine stood at around 2.5%. During the years of independence the financing of scientific institutions is gradually melted. The Chairman of trade Union of workers of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Anatoly Shirokov ahead of a rally in Kiev held a press-conference on which has declared: “At the end of 2015 to adopt a new edition of the law of scientific and scientific-technical activities. In its end positions it is recorded that from 2020 budget spending on science should be 1.7% of GDP. And what do we have? Last year and 0.19% of GDP in the current year is 0.17%. But if spending on science is down less than 1%, science can not develop”.All of these rallies coincided with an ultimatum to the nationalist government, mass actions of farmers that swept across the country. Information occasions fall on the economic legacy of the previous government: indeed, every industry is stagnating, and people are desperate in terms of low wages, lack of jobs, high prices for Essentials. To collect them for every rally — is simple enough. And the reason each new power has only multiplied.Victoria Titova

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