Dead is twice-born: the population of Ukraine is rapidly shrinking

Умерших вдвое больше, чем рожденных: население Украины стремительно сокращается

During January-September of 2019, the population of Ukraine decreased by 193,2 thousand people, and on 1 October amounted to 41 960 thousand.

This was reported by the State statistics service, Ukrainian news.

The number of deaths exceeds the number of births per 100 deaths 53 born.

As reported by Ukrainian news, Ukraine’s population is rapidly declining: the number of residents fell below $ 42 million as at 1 Sep.

Earlier, in January-July 2019 the population of Ukraine decreased on 162,9 thousand, and on August 1 amounted to 41 990,3 million people.

And in 2018, the population of Ukraine decreased by 233,2 thousand people and for January 1 was 42 153,2 thousand.

According to the Ukrainian census conducted in December 2001, the population accounted for 48 of 415.5 thousand persons, from them 32 538 thousand people – urban population, 15 877,5 thousand people – rural.

Also during January-April 2019 the population of Ukraine decreased by 97.3 thousand people on may 1 amounted to 42 thousand people 055,9

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