Deadly Avalanche on Everest: sad 5th anniversary

Avalanche meurtrière sur l’Everest: triste 5e anniversaire

The urgency of the situation in this pandemic of the COVID-19, especially in the middle of the health in Quebec, recalls painful memories to the experienced mountaineer quebec Gabriel Filippi.

Five years ago, he experienced the greatest tragedy in the mountains-the deadly avalanche that destroyed the base camp of mount Everest, snapped up 21 lives and injured 72 climbers after the earthquake of magnitude 7.9 in Nepal. “This event is really not out of my system. And this pandemic reminds me of how we had managed the crisis, April 25, 2015. I think of all the days these days.

Images come back to me constantly, including those of people who have dropped their last breath in my arms and that of desolation, observing the scene by returning to my camp this evening “, says Filippi.

Also, the mountain climber and guide, relates in detail the events of that tragic day in his excellent book ‘survival Instincts. Without light front, to the unique glow of the moon hitting the tops of the Himalayas, he describes this scene a desolate, where everything was ripped as if a bomb had exploded and destroyed 95 % of the base camp at the foot of mount Everest.

Filippi had miraculously survived the avalanche by curling up behind a huge rock, only one shoe put on is it necessary to mention ! Beyond the indelible images in his memory, a 59 year old man still hears as sound. Those in the roar of the avalanche which has swept over the lunch hour, the cries and moans of pain. “This must be the same thing in the hospitals and NURSING homes where people are fighting the coronavirus currently. I have so much empathy and gratitude to the medical staff. ”

Guide and first aider

This year, Filippi had played the first-aiders for more than 24 hours in the company of other Quebecers, including Sylvain Béliveau. He brought his support across the base camp and in the four huge tents transformed into clinical of fortune after the disaster.

With the medical staff, among other things, he proceeded to triage amongst the wounded and the dead. “It’s part of my life. I will never be able to erase from my memory. But it must remember what happened like what we are experiencing in this moment, ” says the one who would like to collaborate in the mission of québec in this pandemic. Since then, the adventurer is returned to the Everest in 2016, 2018 and 2019. In the past year, it has climbed on the roof of the world for the third time.

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