Deadly weapons that tortured American diplomats in Cuba

2017-10-13 17:07

Deadly weapons that tortured American diplomats in Cuba
We give your hands a lethal weapon to finally avenged all, pesters you with songs of Stas Mikhailov! Action!

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How did advanced ancient industry such as self-mutilation since the invention of stone fighting hammer and revolver! Why get your hands dirty, if possible right into the enemy’s ear to direct the third Symphony concert of Stas Mikhailov — and the victim falls dead, reports Rus.Media. Talk about as modern assassin and, very possibly, those who allegedly gave the “acoustic attack” on American diplomats in Cuba.

As reported in the troubled August 2017, more than 20 diplomatic representative of the United States on liberty Island complained of headache, nausea, problems with vision, hearing, perception, etc. it was Claimed that all this — the consequences of exposure their zvukovyye, which was carried out from November 2016.

And now the Associated Press has published a recording supposedly of the very vicious sound and though some of the victims identified him! The news Agency writes that it consists of sounds about 20 frequencies and more like a hybrid sound of nails on a chalkboard and scream giant swarms of crickets. Or cicadas. Or grasshoppers. In General, a-Ah, turn that off immediately!

What to say… first, the sound source is not established. Second, the link between the poor health of Americans and audioalchemy not proven. Third, not all of them heard the sounds.

Anyway, now you have a recording allegedly of deadly sound, and you can personally test how it affects people. Start with neighbors that require you to cut down Iron Maiden in two hours of the night.

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