Dear teacher! You wrote a mother of one nine year old girl

Уважаемая учительница! Пишет вам мама одной девятилетней девочки

You wrote a mother of one nine year old girl. Unfortunately, my daughter doesn’t want to move to another group. She is small and her girlfriends are more important than poor grades. Stop, please tell her that her parents aren’t trying hard enough to learn her English. Understand that parents have for their children – the authorities.

Уважаемая учительница! Пишет вам мама одной девятилетней девочки

And the fact that she is constantly trying to explain that I and her dad are insufficiently capable, or talented, or diligent, but simply put, slobs, destroys my baby. No, I’m not coming to school to talk as you ask about in the diary with red sweeping hand. Because last time you caught me right in the child scolded me for my bad behavior.

If the child scolded by her mother. So I was justified as a lamb. I don’t want to be a sheep in the eyes of my child. I want to be strong and reliable. I’ll tell you a secret – I’m actually the mother Panther. Just afraid that the school this behavior is not quite appropriate. So we better not to meet. Sheep’s clothing I threw away.

I don’t know how to explain the modern school that the parents do not have to do lessons with children.

At all.

And if the child does not work, then the problem is the teacher, program, age, textbook, high expectations, and so on. Okay, okay. Anything we do not prove and we will try to do at home.

Want to explain to you what my daughter does her dad, my ex-husband, who visits her twice a week. Yes, he always does the right job. Although, to be honest, I can’t believe that a scientist may not properly be considered tasks in the electronic journal. But to spend time trying to prove his innocence, we won’t. Well, he always does not what you asked. For example. You know what? My daughter is waiting for him and wants to only deal with him. And I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they are actually doing German. Or even playing cards. I don’t care.

So. Do not care, and I’m not going to rebuke him for lack of diligence. And trouble not going. And no, he does not “somehow”. English she’ll learn. But his childhood and fellowship with the father will never return. Yes, we are all satisfied with the three. I personally learned English a month of living in new York when I was 24.
Fluent. Yes, I believe that the current top three will not affect her future. No, I don’t believe in “the mark of Troickiy”. No, I do not consider perseverance as a virtue. And tutorial vereshagino I think antipodagriceski, and I learn it in new York, then quickly be speaking in Spanish.

To the question about why other kids can learn English with this tutorial. Some of the children are talented and have a flair for languages and even practicing alone very successfully mastering the language. Or, for example, they do it with a tutor.

No, I do not consider it necessary to hire a tutor. Because the arrival of the tutor need to engage in further, and I don’t understand why to do what the child almost never applies in life. And what he now has neither the ability nor interest.

Yes, I think not all abilities should be used to develop, or “miss”, “launch” and “catch up”. Then, tutor costs 1500 rubles per lesson, that is 3000 a week to 90,000 a year. For 7 years of school is nearly 10 thousand euros. Dull lessons with questionable grammar books and audio recordings. The money I after 5 years can two months to settle my daughter in London and hire cheerful young teacher. They will be playing at the spring London, covered in yellow daffodils.

You know the difference?

As well as I do, she will learn English in a couple of months. Or as well as her father, learn it, sitting down on some American TV series. That is why in the eyes of our daughter it is so important to remain a reliable support. To build on our experience. Which is much more productive than the school program.

Please tell her that we, her parents, great.

Thank you.

Olga Dori

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