Death after you were saved 5 years ago

Mort après avoir été sauvé il y a 5 ans

More than five years after having been miraculously saved thanks to a 30-minute massage of the heart, a young boy aged 8 has died in a tragic way, Wednesday afternoon, hit by a car.

The life of Liam Aglat-Clayman had shifted in June 2015. Seriously ill, he had to be hospitalized for several months. At the age of three years, he had had a cardiac arrest while the doctors intubaient in order to rehydrate.

This is after 30 minutes of cardiac massage that her little heart had finally started beating. The Newspaper had told the story of Liam as part of his series on miracles during the Holiday season 2015.

Mort après avoir été sauvé il y a 5 ans

Photo Antoine Lacroix
Daniel Bélanger
Director of the day camp

The bad luck has caught up with Wednesday. To 16 h, Liam was hit by a car under the horrified eyes of his parents while he was crossing the street to go join him, after having finished a day at summer day camp. He unfortunately succumbed to his injuries.

“He went to the race and arrived at the intersection, he waited until a truck passes. A car came and made her stop, but it does not seem to have seen it. He is back in power and this is where the collision is made. It is devastating, ” laments Daniel Bélanger, director of the recreation Centre, cultural and sports (CRCS Saint-Zotique.

Thursday noon, a police officer from the SPVM was conducting an operation radar at the intersection where the fatal accident occurred.

Better signage

The director of the day camp application now that significant improvements are made to the signaling area, for the safety of young people.

“We are living it every day. There is a strong movement, there are people who drive, who do not always make their stops. We don’t want that other accidents occur, ” said Mr. Bélanger.

Despite that there are already signs of stopping in the four directions at the intersection of rue Saint-Ambroise and squares Sir-George-Étienne-Cartier, Mr. Bélanger would like to see the faster light panels and signs indicating to slow down because children are in the area.

“I have already contacted the Borough [South-West] to this subject. The “four stops”, it is not sufficient, ” he said, still in shock.

People have gone to collect at the scene of the tragedy. Some have placed flowers and stuffed toys.

Changes to the departure

Because of the drama, the summer camp has ceased operations until Monday. The entire team at the CRCS Saint-Zotique has met with stakeholders of the local community in order to be supported in this event.

“It has demolished. We think a lot about the family of the young, but the summer camp is like an extended family, ” said Mr. Bélanger.

It has therefore decided to implement a new rule concerning the departure of the children after their day at camp. Parents must find themselves in front of the door so they could leave with their young.

It runs fast

During the passage of the Newspaper Thursday, it has been possible to see that many motorists travel at high speed on the rue Saint-Ambroise and do not by their judgment of an appropriate manner, and this, even if a child died the previous day in the same place. More than a dozen vehicles have a stop “to the u.s.” in less than an hour.

It was not until the arrival of a police officer with the SPVM for operation radar, around noon, as the drivers began to follow the signs 30 km/h and to make their judgment in full.

“We’ll wait for the coroner’s report and see what are his recommendations,” said Julie Bélanger, head of the office of the borough mayor Benoit Dorais, adding that the first information indicates that the speed would not be involved in the accident.

The police investigation continues in the folder. The family of little Liam declined our interview request.

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