Death Angelica Volchkova associated with the mysticism of the TV series “Mukhtar”

“Something’s wrong”.

Смерть Анжеліки Волчковой пов&#039язали з містикою серіалу "Мухтар"

In social networks has linked the death of Angelica Volchkova and 37-year-old actress Natalia Yunnikova. Users believe that the death of these two Actresses of the TV series “Mukhtar” associated with mysticism, reports Rus.Media.

“The bright memory. Something wrong with this Mukhtar, die is the second young actress,” wrote the social network users.

Other users agreed that the second death is a young actress of the TV series “Mukhtar” is very suspicious. Some argue that the popular TV series retains a mystical subtext.

Recall, April 8, died the actress of the TV series “Mukhtar” Anzhelika Volchkova. A woman has died after a long battle with cancer.

In September of 2017 passed away another star “Mukhtar” Natalia Yunnikova. The doctors were unable to save the life of 37-year-old actress and she died.

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