Death of Fernando Birri

Photo: Wikimedia
The filmmaker Fernando Birri, the international Festival of cinema of Guadalajara, in 2008

Rome — The argentine director Fernando Birri, considered the father of the new Latin american cinema, died on Wednesday in Rome at the age of 92 years, a-t-on learned Thursday source family.


Born in Santa Fe, in the south of Argentina, on march 13, 1925, the director in the mischievous eyes and the long white beard was ill for several years and died in a hospital in the Italian capital.


“Hasta siempre, presidente” (For always, president), has announced on his page Facebook the Festival of Latin american cinema from the maestro, often referred to as the “father of the new Latin american cinema,” and ” master of cinema and of life “, was founded in 1985 in Trieste, in the north-east of Italy.

Dissonant, bombastic, brilliant, but also poetic, dreamy and inspirational

Grandson of an anarchist in the north-east of Italy, embarked for Argentina by the forces of the order at the end of the Nineteenth century, Fernando Birri made the opposite path and come to study at the experimental Centre of cinema in Rome from 1950 to 1953 before returning to Santa Fe to found an institute of cinema.


In 1961, the film Los inundados, he was awarded the prize of the first work at the Venice film Festival. Then came The Pampa gringa (1963), Org(1978), Mi hijo el Che (1985), Che, ¿muerte de una utopía ? (1997), El siglo del viento (1999) or El Fausto Criollo (2011).


“Despite the pain “, the festival has wanted to make its chairman a tribute like him : “imaginative, hyperbolic, irreverent, dissonant, bombastic, brilliant, but also poetic, dreamy and inspirational “.

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