Death of George Floyd: Evander Kane invites Sidney Crosby to denounce

Mort de George Floyd: Evander Kane invite Sidney Crosby à dénoncer

Shocked by the death of the Afro-American George Floyd, the hockey player Evander Kane believes that some athletes with white skin, such as Sidney Crosby, should take the floor.

“We need so many more athletes don’t like not talking about it,” responded the attacker of the San Jose Sharks in an interview to the network ESPN, about the behavior of the police officer Derek Chauvin in this case, which has sparked unrest in Minnesota. “We are outraged for hundreds of years, and nothing has changed. This is the time for guys like Tom Brady, Sidney Crosby, and such figures speak of what is good, and, clearly, in the current case, what is absolutely not.”

“A man died for no reason,” said Kane. It is very disappointing to see that these things continue to happen in the world by 2020.”

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