Death of George Floyd: police in Minneapolis is going to be reformed from the bottom up

Décès de George Floyd: la police de Minneapolis va être réformée de fond en comble

MINNEAPOLIS | city council of Minneapolis is committed to reforming from top to bottom a font “structurally racist” after the death of a black man during his arrest by a white policeman, who must appear in court on Monday for the first time before the court, charged with murder.

Thousands of people marched this weekend in the United States and around the world against racism. Without these gatherings historical eruption of riots and looting as has been the case in the days following the drama in several cities in the us, who have had to implement a curfew.

The belgian police, however, arrested 150 people involved in acts of vandalism Sunday night in Brussels at the end of a rally attended by nearly 10,000 people.

Bristol to Budapest via Madrid and Rome, tens of thousands of Europeans have joined the Sunday demonstrations over the death on may 25, George Floyd, a black man of 46 years old.

In Rome, an event was unforeseen has gathered on the vast Piazza del Popolo thousands of young people knelt in silence, the raised fist, for nine minutes.

Protesters in madrid have also put knee to the ground, punching the air, a gesture of protest against the police violence against Blacks started in 2016 by the american football player Colin Kaerpernick.

Police officer in front of the judge

A video filmed by a passerby shows a white policeman, Derek Chauvin, keep his knee for nearly nine minutes on the neck of the victim plated on the ground, which complains of not being able to breathe.

Derek Chauvin has initially been charged with manslaughter, but the head has been upgraded to the 4 June murder, and is punishable by forty years in prison. It must appear before the court for the first time on Monday.

The three officers who accompanied him, who had not been prosecuted in the immediate future, have finally been charged for his complicity, and placed in detention.

These prosecutions were at the heart of the demands of the demonstrators, but they did not put an end to the engagement which is the same for global.

Last result to date: the police of Minneapolis, Minnesota, is going to disappear in its current form. It is in any case the vow issued by nine of the thirteen members of the city council, have indicated several of them at a rally Sunday.

“We are committed to the dismantling of the police service as we know it in the city of Minneapolis and rebuild with our population a new model of public security that really keeps our population,” said Lisa Bender, chair of the city council, on CNN.

She said to have the intent to transfer the funds allocated in the budget of the police towards projects based on the population. The city council also intends to examine the way to replace the current policy, she added.

“The idea of not having a policy is certainly not a short-term project”, she said.

According to the councilor Alondra Cano, the council concluded that the police of the city was “not reformable and that we were going to end the system of maintenance of the current order”.

But the mayor of the city, Jacob Frey had been informed prior to the announcement of the members of the council that he was not in favor of this dismantling, telling AFP that he preferred “structural reform of the scope for the redesign of this system structurally racist”. Therefore, the promise of the city council could take time to materialize.

The democrats were called Sunday to a profound transformation of the police, which is accused of discrimination, injustice, and brutality against black Americans.

Act of Congress

Several elected democrats want to address what they believe to be the result of a racism which gangrene the history of the United States since slavery, presenting before Congress a bill to reform the police in the United States as a whole.

Some measures have already been imposed at local level since the beginning of this protest movement.

The chief of police of Seattle has banned the use of tear gas for thirty days. The police of Minneapolis has announced that it forbade, henceforth, the technique dangerous “taken effect”.

The death of Floyd is only the latest of a long series in recent years of the death of black men, mostly unarmed, during interactions with white police officers.

The death in the summer of 2014 of Michael Brown in Ferguson and Eric Garner in New York have served as a springboard for the movement Black Lives Matter (“the life of The Black account”), whose slogan has since been used in the world.

The us star Beyoncé has also been the echo Sunday messages from BLM at a ceremony virtual, with other artists, on YouTube called “Dear Class of 2020”, and is open to graduates from around the world.

“You arrived here in the midst of a global crisis, a pandemic of racial hatred and the expression of the global outrage at the murder senseless to another human being black, non-armed. And you have still managed. We are so proud of you,” said the singer, denouncing sectarianism.

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