Death of Romy and Norah: a tragedy that affects many children

Mort de Romy et Norah: une tragédie qui affecte beaucoup d’enfants

The tragic death of little Romy and Norah Carpentier affects many children who have known from near or far, or even not at all.

“I find it sad. I can’t see it” falling leaves Ludovic Lepage, 12 years.

The young man was attending the same school as Norah, whom he considered his best friend. Norah, age 11, was a child “shy”, but especially “a lot happy”, he says with aplomb.

On Monday, he went to hang on a key ring in the shape of smiley on a photo of the young decedent, at the parc des Chutes-de-la-Chaudière, where hundreds of stuffed animals and messages have been filed in tribute to the victims. It will keep a replica of the same door-key.

Saddened and in shock

At the memorial improvised near the falls, one sees many adult citizens, but also a lot of children accompanied by their parents. All are affected by the drama, even if, often, they do not know the family.

For his part, Ludovic has been observed for several minutes the tributes, often encircled by his father Karl Lepage, who has chosen to be very transparent with him about what happened.

It is far from being the only child to be afflicted by the tragedy. Think of the friends of Norah at the 128th Scout group of Charny, she had been frequenting for a few years.

Martin Carpentier has itself been moderator from September to last march, ” said François Samson, the president of this scout group. “We are all in a state of shock, the whole gang,” said Mr. Samson.

The CISSS de la Chaudière-Appalaches has mobilised several stakeholders in strategic locations in Saint-Apollinaire and Lévis, to offer moral support to both children and adults who feel the need.

This is particularly the case in a two-day camp to Lévis, where the social workers are looking for any classmates of the young victims, but also of children who may be shaken by the events, even if they didn’t know the girls who died.

All parents who have questions or who are concerned for the psychological health of their child may contact the line 811.

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