Death of the grandson of Elvis at the age of 27

Décès du petit-fils d’Elvis à 27 ans

NEW YORK | The grandson of Elvis Presley, Benjamin Keough, died Sunday at the age of 27, told AFP an employee of her mother, Lisa Marie Presley, confirming information of the news site TMZ.

The employee, Roger Widynowski, didn’t give information on the causes of death. According to TMZ, the first items of information would indicate that it is a suicide.

Contacted by AFP, the office of the sheriff of the county of Los Angeles, which depends on the city of Calabasas, where was Benjamin Keough, has not responded to the call.

His mother is completely devastated, inconsolable and devastated, but she tries to hold good for the twins of 11 years old, and his eldest daughter, Riley,” wrote the employee in a statement sent to AFP.

“She loved this boy,” he added. “It was the love of his life.”

Fleeing the spotlight, Benjamin Keough, the only boy of the siblings, seemed to be almost never in public.

The few published photographs of him showed his resemblance to his grandfather, a legend of rock’n’roll, which has brought this style into millions of homes.

“Sometimes, I’m absolutely blown away when I see it”, explained Lisa Marie Presley at the CMT about the resemblance of her son with Elvis.

According to the british newspaper Daily Mail, Benjamin Keough would have received in 2009 an offer of$ 5 Million to record five albums.

But he had not, since that time, published music.

His grand-father, Elvis Presley, has died prematurely, at age 42, in 1977.

The King of rock ‘ n ‘ roll has sold over one billion records worldwide, of which 146 million albums alone in the United States.

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