Death of two Canadians in the explosion in Beirut

Mort de deux Canadiens dans l'explosion à Beyrouth

The prime minister Justin Trudeau announced Friday the death of two Canadians in the double explosion that ravaged the lebanese capital, Beirut, on 4 August, and killed more than 171 people dead.

“Today, I join Canadians across the country to mourn the loss of two canadian citizens in the explosion tragedy in Beirut, Lebanon”, said the head of the canadian government, in a press release.

“Our top priority is to ensure that Canadians and their families who have been affected by the explosion have the consular assistance needed to get through this difficult period”, he said.

In addition, lebanese citizens who are temporarily in Canada have “the possibility of extending their stay if they cannot return home because of the explosion”.

On Monday, Mr. Trudeau announced that Canada’s assistance to the lebanese population would go from 5 to c$ 30 MILLION (19 million euros) in order to “respond to the immediate needs of the population”.

Ottawa has also pledged to match individual donations to its relief Fund for Lebanon up to$5 Million.

The blast gigantic that occurred on 4 August at the port of Beirut has also made more than 6500 injured. It has triggered the anger of the street in front of which the government of prime minister Hassan Diab had to submit his resignation.

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