Death to the Quebecois of Montreal!

Mort aux Québécois de Montréal!

But how does one able to tolerate a team in the national lacrosse League, which was called the Quebec ?

Which one of the players called Michel Blanchard. And the general manager, John Ferguson. The People Of Quebec. This people accused of systemic racism by the pure from the rest of Canada. People who dare to approve the act 21. The Quebec of Montreal, it is much worse than the Washington Redskins.

And the Caribou of Quebec in the same league ? How the humane Society was she able to tolerate such incentive to hunt until eradication of the species, caribou in Northern quebec ?

At least, the Tigers and the Detroit Lions are endurables. Not in America. But the Florida Panthers ? What is the honor in there risking the disappearance of the panthers more florida links underpin ? A vulnerable species.

And the Cubs (Bruins) Boston ? Do you want to promote the fetish with Teddy Boston ? We banish and quickly. What a shame !

And we did what with the Inuk UQAC in Chicoutimi ? Dare to wear the name Inuit in an university which has no campus in the North pole ?

Of course, I’m exaggerating. The Bruins can stay with the Bruins as the Canadian is going to beat them with flat seams (!?!).

But the revision and social history that one finds in all spheres of western civilization poses insoluble problems.

Cataracts de Shawinigan

The story does she still have the right to exist ? There he had the Apaches, the Comanches, the Mayans, the Aztecs, the Inuit ? Have they participated in wars, in battles, have they impressed the enemy with their courage and their bravery ? Can we still pay tribute to them by naming a team the Braves or the Indians ? Or the Seminoles in Florida and the Eskimos in Alberta ?

Why this would be offensive to call the Indians in Cleveland, but that it would be okay to be the Cowboys in Dallas ?

I had the pleasure of discovering large parts of the beautiful story of Shawinigan. An aboriginal name by the way. As Chicoutimi, Rimouski, and… of Hochelaga. It was thought that with the electricity, Shawinigan became a great city. It is for this reason that there is a 5th avenue, from Broadway, Riverside and Central. We dreamed in New York.

The team of the QMJHL, called the Cataracts to remember that the electrical energy comes from the cataracts of water and displays a logo native american to highlight the contribution of Aboriginal people in the life of the city. Would Roger Lavergne tramples his logo to be in the air ?

The rights of the Story

The history of mankind is rich of teachings. When a team is called the Spartans, it puts forward the finest qualities of the citizens and soldiers of Sparta, the harsh city of ancient Greece. She doesn’t want to acknowledge that Sparta eventually yield in the face of Athens, which became the heart of Greece. These are the soldiers of Sparta and their legendary courage that it offers.

If it can be called Spartans, then you could call the Brave.

But if we refuse to Sparta to have existed, then a whole aspect of western civilization must be wiped off.

Personally, I think that it is necessary to avoid the use of names which may be offensive to a people or a nation. It seems that in Washington, it was understood, after having made billions in profits and added value that Redskins is a derogatory name to refer to the indigenous peoples of the United States. If the historians and sociologists agree with this conclusion, then one can only approve of the decision.

As well, I don’t care that the team from Anaheim is called the Ducks, but I would not like to see a Montreal team called the Frogs. To my knowledge, one does not insult a person in the treating of ” duck “. All the francophones in the national hockey League have been treated to ” f…g frog “.

And the Alouettes are not the Alouettes because of the song, which tells the story of how we will pluck the back, but because of the squadron’s French-canadian Alouettes.

In addition, the McGill Redmen carried this name because of the red, the color of sport of the university. As we spoke often of the Blue to designate the Northern.

I know that the concept of cultural appropriation is defended fiercely by movements of the left. There are so had of abuse and discrimination in the past that we understand this greater sensitivity. But again, we can’t afford to erase of the full chapters of the story with shots of the howling and insults.

There’s not many certainties in this world except death, taxes and the public health. But if we don’t know where we come from and who trained us, it is impossible to know where we are going and who you are.

Back in the reserves

It was to be expected. In front of the stubbornness and intransigence of leaders on public Health in the history of combat sports, the temptation of the indian reserves would be required.

It is done and Mathieu Boulay reveals all in The Newspaper this morning. A promoter of mixed martial arts will present a gala on the 8th of August… probably in the reserve of Kanesatake, Oka.

This is not the first time. Fighting, mixed martial arts fans are prohibited in Quebec, courtesy of Isabelle Charest and his ministry. Only the sport accepted in the olympic Games have the right to be “organized” for the public.

This incongruity in the law where the regulations prohibiting the organization of fights of mixed martial arts fans had to be amended this year, but with the COVID-19, it appears that nothing has been done in the folder.

I hope that the promoters of professional boxing will not have to back 30 years back in time, returning to present their performances behind closed doors in Kahnawake or Kanesatake. I still remember my embarrassment when Stéphane Ouellette had been obliged to go fight in Kahnawake…

Misery of misery !

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