Deaths per million inhabitants: the province of Quebec makes a poor figure

Décès par million d’habitants: le Québec fait piètre figure

The grim toll of deaths in NURSING homes puts Québec in the unenviable group of leading places in the world where the COVID-19 is the most deadly.

If it were a country, Quebec would have the dubious honor of ending up in 12th position among the States with the most deaths relative to their population, according to an analysis from public data.

  • Listen to the interview of the member of parliament for the Parti québécois Véronique Hivon with Jonathan Trudeau, at QUB Radio:


With a rate of 123 deaths per million inhabitants, it would be just behind the United States (136) and Luxembourg (125) in this ranking dominated by european countries.

Yesterday, Quebec has passed the bar of 1000 deaths, with 1041 cases, of which 85% are in NURSING homes, a situation it was hard to imagine a few weeks ago.

Francois Legault

“Our success or failure will depend on the number of deaths,” declared prime minister François Legault on April 3.

Belgium at the top

At that time, there were 61 deaths of the COVID-19 in the province, which would have earned Quebec the 23rd largest in the world for fatalities per million inhabitants, according to the data that were available.

  • The journalist Félix Séguin returns on the situation in NURSING homes in his column in the show Dutrizacon QUB radio:

Mr. Legault recalled then that the province had “many fewer deaths than in the United States”. “It is two per million inhabitants”, he said.

Two weeks later, the comparison does more. Yesterday, the u.s. rate was 136, that is to say, only 13 more cases per million in Quebec.

However, the province is still far from the Belgium throne at the top of the world ranking with 518 deaths per million inhabitants, and Spain (455) and Italy (408).

Other significant figure: if we subtract the number of deaths in Quebec the number of deaths in Canada, it happens, for the rest of the country, at a rate of 37 deaths per million inhabitants.

In comparison, Norway, the cited favourably as an example, shows a rate almost similar to 34 deaths.

Note that our overall ranking has been performed by removing from the list of micropays like san Marino and Andorra, where very high rates are observed.

  • LISTEN to Me Paul Brunet, president of the Council for the protection of the sick, at QUB radio:

A “humanitarian Catastrophe”

For the emergency physician to the jewish Hospital, and a member of Doctors without borders Vinh-Kim Nguyen, the classification unenviable Quebec reflects a “real humanitarian disaster” for its seniors.

Dr. Nguyen believes that the high rates of COVID-19 recognized in the CHSLD in quebec are very difficult to understand, compared to what happens in other countries.

“The proportion of 85% of deaths in Quebec, it is huge! We do not understand”, he says.


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