Debts of nearly one million to five candidates conservatives

Photo: Justin Tang, The canadian Press
The candidate Maxime Bernier, and Kevin O’leary have a respective debt levels of$ 250 000 and$500 000.

More than six months after the leadership race of the conservative Party, five of the sixteen candidates still lying around a collective debt of nearly a million dollars. The quasi-totality of this sum, however, is attributable to only two candidates : Maxime Bernier and Kevin O’leary have a respective debt levels of $ 250 000 and $500 000.


These two aspiring leaders had collected the most donations during the leadership campaign that ended last may. But they are also the ones who hang around the biggest debt nearly eight months after the end of the race, revealed in the financial reports of the candidates. Of the sixteen who campaigned, twelve have provided their financial statements to Elections Canada.


Businessman Kevin O’leary may well have made the campaign less than three months, before resigning, the latter has yet to repay 529 200 $ — 189 000 $ in expenses which he himself had borne. His campaign shows a budget surplus of 15 178 $, which will not however be enough to cover its debt.


Maxime Bernier is in the same boat. His campaign account 920 $ in the bank, but the Beauceron behind 250 $ 400 in unpaid expenses.


The mp for ontario-Lisa Raitt lagging behind a backlog of 11 600 $. It may not pay to have a small part with the funds of $ 650 for it still to his campaign. Andrew Saxton has almost enough money in the fund, with a balance of 5100 $, to pay for the 5930 $ that he owes to himself.


The indebted are the same among them the new leader, Andrew Scheer, which displays a debt of 3750 $. But since his campaign is benefiting from a surplus of 63 500 $, its discovered seems only temporary.


Candidates Tony Clement, Michael Chong, Kellie Leitch and Erin O’toole have not yet submitted their financial reports to Elections Canada. All have called for an extension and must now submit their documents by the end of January. Only Mr. Chong responded to the questions of Duty Wednesday, ensuring that its budget was balanced.


Not of concern to the PCC


The candidates who are dragging a debt that will now have to convince the activists to conservatives to lend them a hand in their donations — the only way to raise funds. These are will not go of the shot in the coffers of the conservative Party, but in those of the candidates.


Despite all that, the party is not concerned. His spokesman Cory Hann responded that the total sum is minimal. There is nothing to prevent in addition to the donor to make a gift to a candidate and a party.


The liberal Party had paid the fees of a race to the chiefdom to several candidates, in the wake of its 2006 campaign, which had eleven, including eight who remained until the end. Their collective debt had reached 2.5 million, and the aspiring leaders had taken more than six years to repay. During this time, thousands of dollars in donations raised by the indebted were not going into the coffers of the party, which had burdened the finances of the PLC.

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