Debunk the myth that all the berries and fruits are good for health

Развенчав миф о том, что все ягоды и фрукты полезны для здоровья

What fruits and berries may seriously impair health, told the experts of the environmental organization Environmental Working Group.

1. Pear. Doctors recommended to control the consumption of these vegetables containing a lot of roughage, which can cause digestive disorders.

2. Grapes. He literally abounds in natural sugars, so consuming grapes often leads to fermentation in the stomach.

3. Watermelon. Scientists say that these fruits can give a bloating and increased flatulence. Doctors warn that you should not have any watermelon before a meal or immediately after a meal.

4. Peaches scientists have also made a list of recommended eating them sparingly, because these fruits can irritate the stomach.

5. Apricots are dangerous for those who have symptoms of chronic gastritis or aggravation of ulcers. Also, the apricots should not have a reduced thyroid function and when the disease hepatitis.

6. Cherry. It is not recommended to people with gastritis with high acidity of gastric juice and diabetes. In addition, even perfectly healthy people should not eat the cherries immediately after eating – this can cause gas and indigestion.

7. Joined the most harmful fruits and citrus – juice their doctors believe are too aggressive for the mucosa. People with diseases of the stomach or pancreas from citrus fruit is better to refuse at all.

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