Decisive blow: the re-enactors showed how liberated Minsk



Independence day in Belarus noted the large-scale reconstruction. Near Minsk was held festival of “Bagration”. On the Stalin Line has shown one of the key battles for the liberation of the country from invaders. He saw the correspondent of TV channel “MIR 24” Inna Segalovich.

Offensive operation “Bagration” was a decisive blow to the Nazis. Soviet troops defeated one of the strongest German forces – army group “Center”. To show the contemporaries how it was here, at the “Stalin Line”, came to more than 200 re-enactors.

Summer of 44, troops liberate town after town, village after village. On a makeshift battlefield, and once during actual hostilities, they help the guerrillas.

“We secretly attack the German post, liquidate it, seize the hospital. At this time clashes with fascist soldiers,” said re-enactor Paul Marecki.

This village can be a few thousand names. Such battles occurred almost in every village. The reconstruction of war – a tribute to the soldiers and common citizens who defended the country.

“The Germans shot, in my opinion, in the 43rd year of 15 divisions from the front, in order to pacify the Belarusian population, to have them order there was in the rear. There couldn’t ride no trains, no car. Here the Germans did not feel safe”, – said the participant of the reconstruction of Victor Shatilo.

Reconstruction lasted about 20 minutes, and the offensive operation “Bagration” was 68 days. July 3 was released Minsk. Now this is one of the main holidays of modern Belarus – the Independence Day.

“Today is a big holiday. We congratulate all veterans and all grandparents that have built our Belarus. We wish all the best. Let there be peace in the world, like your channel!”, – said the Director of historical and cultural complex “Stalin Line” Alexander Broom.

Look at the military show came thousands of spectators. The reenactors tried to get as close to reality: form, weapons and military equipment. It was restored by local craftsmen. The audience could see replicas of German tanks and the original ZIS-3, CY7-6, and of course the T-34.

Those who did not attend the festival will have the opportunity to see the legendary T-34. He will lead the convoy of vehicles in the parade dedicated to the independence Day of Belarus. This year it will start in the evening at 21.00. Participation in the parade will be attended by about four thousand people and 300 pieces of military equipment.