Declassified FBI documents confirming the visit to Earth by aliens

Now with some documents removed “classified”.

Розсекречені документи ФБР, які підтверджують відвідування Землі інопланетянами

The FBI documents that were previously classified, confirming a visit to our planet representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, reports Rus.Media.

For a long period of time, the documents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which concerned alien beings were classified.

Now with some documents removed “classified”. For example, it became known about the alien ship that could move in different spatial dimensions, and mgprocardia creatures in this ship.

Under mypastrole sentient beings refers to “real” creatures that are in another dimension.

Researchers make the assumption that the appearance of alien ships is evidence of the movement of aliens and transport objects from parallel dimensions.

That is, the aliens travel in space and move in the spatial dimensions.

Ufologists suspect that the Sun is the portal through which the aliens are able to move one dimension to another.

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