Déconfinement: a dentist is concerned at the lack of gowns for protection

Déconfinement: un dentiste inquiet du manque de blouses de protection

Re-opening early dental clinics, possibly in early June, might be a problem and worried a dentist in Quebec city, which is said to be unable to supply gowns for protection.

“The government has given three weeks for schools to prepare, and, there, the rumor was that he gives permission to the dental clinics to open in just a week and a half. I don’t think there are many dentists who can say that they are ready to go,” a witness at the end of the wire to the Dr. Georges Girard, clinic Girard and Martineau on the second floor of the Halles Cartier, to Québec.

The government Legault should clarify its intentions in the early afternoon and unveil the sanitary protocols that will be put in place, in a press conference.

According to an interim protocol, transmitted to the dentist during the weekend, they will notably change their coat of protection between each patient. A real puzzle, considering the stock-outs. “On masks, curiously, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. This is more for blouses than you have to change at each patient. It, it really is a major problem”, he says Dr. Girard in an interview.

“We had a clinic with roughly 13-14 professionals who work in the dining room. If there is a change of blouse isolation of each patient, it is made at 130 to 140 shirts per day… and the stock is not available, so it is quite alarming. What are the volumes extremely high. It means, in addition, that we need to be able to wash more than 100 gowns per day, which is absolutely illusory”, he observes.

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Ponchos disposable

In the meantime, he said that he had to be turned to Amazon for making the purchase of ponchos, disposable and waterproof plastic. “People are going to be safe. Dentists are professionals, the problem is not there. I don’t want to panic the population, but that is what the government is doing to us? Is it that the government has planned it and is going to help us?”, if he asked.

“It is by far the business most at risk in terms of the transmission of the disease, as professionals, because we work in the mouth, but at the same time, the government is treating us from the very beginning as if it was not part of the domain of health, it is really very frustrating, what we do”, shoot there. The dental office will also need to install equipment to filter the air in the rooms, ” says Dr. Girard.

“Many security challenges”

In a message to its members last week, the president of the Ordre des dentistes du Québec recognized that the resumption of activities “raises several security challenges, whether on the plan of the layout of the treatment rooms, the air filtration and ventilation, use of personal protective equipment recommended and / or other rules of health and safety at work laws.”

Dr. Guy Lafrance invited by the dentists don’t invest unnecessarily, for the moment, in the adaptation of their clinics “as the official standards have not been established” in collaboration with the health authorities. It is what makes tell Dr. Girard that several clinics will not be ready to resume their routine activities at the beginning of June. Currently, only the urgent treatments are performed in the office.





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