Déconfinement: light green to campsites on the 1st of June

Déconfinement: feu vert aux campings le 1er juin

Despite the delay caused by the pandemic, the camping season is finally able to take flight everywhere in Quebec, Monday, to the delight of the owners of land and campers, which must, however, comply with several rules.

The minister of Tourism, Caroline Proulx, will make the announcement this afternoon at a press conference. His plan of re-opening will also the cottages in the family unit, except those located on the territories of the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal and Joliette, the opening of which will be authorized during another phase.

According to the information obtained by The Newspaper, the family stays in the wildlife reserves and outfitters will also be allowed from the 1st of June, across the province.

Some of the activities tourist-targeted “, as in the marinas, will also resume at the same time.

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Intensive monitoring

Without surprise, the owners of cottages and campgrounds shall be subject to the conditions strict enough. They should in particular check if the campers on the same site from the same cell family.

Limited access to the sanitary blocks will be reserved for those who do not have service, as those who are sleeping in a tent. Users of recreational vehicle shall ensure proper functioning of their sanitation facilities.

If there is a snack bar in the campsite, it will also be able to open, but it will for now be limited to provide meals to take away.

As for the swimming pools, their initiation will have to wait for the green light of the public health, possibly later in June.

Everything suggests that the community halls where people could gather will remain closed until further notice.

Starting June 1, the owners of camping sites, as here at Camping Stoneham, north of Quebec, will be able to resume their activities, provided that the campers are installed on a same site from the same cell family.

Collaboration needed

The campers will also be invited to contribute to ensure the success of the season. For those who must move from one region to the other will be, for example, encouraged to make all their purchases before they get to their destination.

This will enable curb the spread of the virus from one region to the other, while racing in the shops. “We hope that the campers will work together,” commented the CEO of Camping Québec, Simon Tessier, who was waiting impatiently for the green light from the government.

For the owners of the campsites, “the season is going to be one of increased surveillance and hygiene increased,” says Mr. Tessier.


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An industry and cottage owners relieved


  • Reopening permitted everywhere in Quebec, from the 1st of June
  • Open to campers in the same family unit
  • Open to campers, seasonal and daily rates
  • Accessible with a recreational vehicle, a trailer or a tent
  • Access to the sanitary blocks, limited to those who do not have a service (such as those who are sleeping in a tent)
  • Snacks open (take-away meals)
  • Pools closed until further notice
  • Campers must do their shopping at home before you travel to the destination

Marinas, outfitters

  • Resumption of licensed activities as of June 1,


  • Throughout Québec, except on the territory of the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal and Joliette
  • The residents will have to come of the same family unit
  • The visitors will do their shopping before they get to their destination.
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