Déconfinement: no hugs for grandparents

Déconfinement: pas de câlins aux grands-parents

After having been cooped up for a month or more, Quebecers must now be “de-program” and begin to live again… but not completely as before. The grandparents will have to resign themselves to keep a distance with their offspring and the mask will be a trend.

“I do not advise to people who are over 60 years of tightening their grandchildren in their arms, for some time to come. I know it is hard, it is sad,” agreed Friday, François Legault.

Stay confined for some months to increase the risk of developing mental health problems, argued in turn that the prime minister and his colleague Horacio Arruda.

“You need that Quebec is on the rise, we need that life, in quotation marks, normal resumes. We need our friends. We need to, quietly, being careful, again the life in society,” said Mr. Legault. He said that we can’t afford to wait for a vaccine, which could be available in 18 months or even in two years.

The authorities plan to unveil a plan déconfinement the next week, which will lift the veil on the re-opening gradual schools and businesses.

Notice to nostalgic memories of the life before the COVID-19: the company’s post-pandemic will be “different”. For several months now, people still will be two meters apart from each other and the wearing of the mask will be “strongly” recommended in public places.

“Step back”

And the déconfinement may be not a long quiet river. The national Director of public health has warned that the pace of the recovery of socio-economic activities may need to slow down or even do a “step back” if the spread of the virus starts all over again.

Dr. Arruda has warned citizens against the “wind of freedom” that will blow on Quebec, with the reopening of schools and businesses.

“It doesn’t say that on the day in which the déconfinement, everyone ends up with dinner on the Sunday with grand-dad, grand-mom, and then the good roast beef, etc, It has all the taste of it soon, but it is not made even after the intensive phase”.

This is to avoid a significant increase in contagion and hospitalizations that wearing a mask will be suggested to persons who do not have lung problems. Children under two years of age and people who should not wear masks, insisted Dr. Arruda.

A video has been made public to show Quebecers how to manipulate the masks and make a version of artisanal.

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