Déconfinement of children: “stop being afraid!” – Dr. Julien

Déconfinement des enfants: «Qu’on arrête d’avoir peur!» - Dr Julien

For their psychological health, the children need to get out of the house, regain a daily routine and reconnect with their friends and their living environment outside of their home, according to Dr. Gilles Julien.

Just like her fellow pediatricians, Dr. Julien, is convinced that a progressive reopening of schools and childcare settings is necessary, and it must be done soon.

“It’s been two weeks that we’re starting to tap my foot because it is a link, we, with the most vulnerable children. […] Children choked, and children in difficult circumstances are even more in trouble”, he launched on Friday by the waves of LCN.

According to him, the situation is complex since there are no direct interventions with children and families.

“The level of mental health, it became a disaster. The anxieties are in the ceiling, parents are completely overwhelmed. When you have several children and you’re alone, that the neighbors cry because the children stamp their feet…It became something a little bit dangerous for us,” assured Dr. Julien.

According to him, the rights of children are violated under the pretext that it is necessary to protect them from the pandemic of COVID-19. The safety net is reduced to a minimum.

“There is a lot of anxiety, a lot of violence, a lot of exposures to violence. Parents not to be able to and the DPJ not because they don’t have a lot of tools currently. They have to wait. And there are more court”, has raised Gilles Julien.

According to him, it is necessary to bring hope to children, reduce their anxiety, take back the parks and in the schools gradually. He said he was convinced that the containment of children in the cities has consequences worse than to let them out.

Put things into perspective

The paediatrician believes that it is time to put it in perspective, and to make the things concerning the dangerousness of the virus.

Parents, grandparents, teachers and school bus drivers are concerned that the children, very little affected by the disease according to the observations, remain to be vectors of transmission.

“You are at the top of the fear. The risk is not great. The risk, that is, when a packet world as a whole, of older people, catch them, and catch it with the care that they receive. In real life, this is not the same thing. The grandparents who live with the children for a long time, if one is careful, if it teaches our children to wash their hands, the risk is minimal. Even the risk of complications among healthy older people is not one that can be found in the CHLSD. There, everyone associates that the old are at major risk… At a given time, it must be reason, and the prime minister is in the process of doing that,” said Dr. Julien.

“If the family breaks out, if the children are placed because it shouts and it fights, it may be a bigger risk than to catch the COVID and be very sick. One is to gradually open schools with all the measures dictated by the public health. That one stops just to be afraid. It is not a society that is afraid it is a company which is, usually, avant-garde. Then take the opportunity to move forward!” he concluded.





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