Déconfinement: Quebecers will now have to become immune to the COVID-19

Déconfinement: les Québécois devront maintenant s’immuniser contre la COVID-19

To avoid a second wave of the epidemic, the Quebec should emerge gradually from their confinement to immunize against the COVID-19.

François Legault was transformed Thursday into educator to explain to the citizens cooped up at home since more than a month, Quebec is returned to the step of “natural immunity”.

“What we have done in the last month, it’s slow the spread (…) in asking people to stay home. (…) It is necessary that there is an immunity that develops in the next few months, has supported the prime minister, weighing each of his words. You can’t ask people to stay at home for two years”.



People with the lowest risk of complications as a result of infection of the coronavirus, such as children and young adults, should be the first to be immunized and develop antibodies that could be shared in an immune support probiotic.

But in this exercise, immunization, collective, the people most vulnerable to the disease should be protected. “It means people who are 60 years and older, thus, which currently represent 97% of the deaths,” he insisted.

To the skeptics and the fearful, François Legault replied that the worst thing to do would be to stay confined for months to come out of our homes all at the same time in the fall. A time of year when the seasonal influenza virus is active. The epidemic hit so hard the health care network, which would quickly be overloaded.

“One could imagine, at that moment, a wave that is greater than the wave that has been known for a month. Therefore, it is necessary to take advantage of the next few months, by the fall, to gradually begin to déconfiner”.

  • Listen to the development of the situation with Geneviève Pettersen at QUB radio:

According to Dr. Horacio Arruda, if the COVID-19 was hit hard in NURSING homes, only a small portion of the population has been in contact with the virus. Between 5 and 10% of Quebecers are currently immunized against the disease.

For a population neutralizes coronavirus, between 60% and 80% of the citizens must be immunized, ” added the national director of public health.

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