Déconfinement: the crucial message of the Dr. Horacio Arruda Quebec

Déconfinement: le message crucial du Dr Horacio Arruda aux Québécois

While the government of François Legault announced his plans for the reopening of schools, dr. Horacio Arruda had a serious message for Quebecers.

“I have a very important element that I want to allow myself to say, to the people. As soon as one begins to déconfiner, there are people who can interpret that now, as we open schools, we can return to flow no matter how”, has launched the national director of public health, Monday, during the daily press conference.

“Despite the déconfinement, the population at risk remains at risk, says Dr. Arruda. This is not yet the time of the parties. We don’t want gatherings of people outside. Still don’t have the time to do parties or a family meal with older people”, he insisted.

The prime minister of Quebec has indicated that primary schools and childcare services will re-open on may 19 in the Greater Montreal and on may 11, elsewhere. In spite of all, the prohibition of gatherings remains in effect “until further order”, said the prime minister.


“Do not interpret that because it opens up schools or sector of activities, in the Bas-Saint-Laurent or elsewhere, that all the world may start to circulate everywhere, and particularly in the area where there is active transmission,” continued Dr. Arruda.

The national director of public health knows that the arrival of spring and the beautiful days will make the confinement more difficult to bear.

“Now, with the spring, with beautiful weather, it’s going to be difficult to be locked up, but will have to do it again, because otherwise, our operation will be cancelled by population movements which should not be held at this time.”

His message is clear: if Quebec did not continue to follow the instructions of the government, the containment will be back, and more intensive than now.

“If the conditions are not at the rendezvous, we will go back and if the population does not participate in the maintaining of this distance, we are all going to lose, and we will be forced to reconfiner intensively, which, in my opinion, would be excessively unhappy,” concluded dr. Arruda.

Questioned on the maintenance of the road blockades between regions, Dr. Arruda has indicated that the authorities “would be less in the constraint.” He however warned that it remained preferable to limit the travel, especially between the regions of hot and cold.

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