Deconfinement: the obligation of the port covers, face possible in the shops

Deconfinement: l'obligation du port d'un couvre-visage possible dans les commerces

The lawyer François-David Bernier is estimated that businesses could require people to wear a mask or cover her face, before entering.

“Yes, we can oblige clients. The shops are private places. They can put in place the measures that they wish to protect their staff and their customers”, has supported Me Bernier, in an interview with TVA News.

Despite the exceptional circumstances due to the COVID-19, the lawyer, however, advised that the traders must not contravene the Charter of rights and freedoms of Quebec.

That is to say that in no time, they can only rely on the port of the mask, or a mask type, in particular, as the N95 or the medical mask blue, to discriminate against customers they do not wish to let it enter their trade for other reasons.

“It is not necessary to create classes of customers; those who can purchase goods and those who can’t, since they don’t have the means to purchase a mask or make. It is necessary that it remains simple,” said Me Bernier.

If the traders just ask their customers, with a cover face, a scarf, or another type of mask artisan, the lawyer does not see a discriminatory reason. The merchants, therefore, have the right to show you the door if you want to enter the face uncovered.

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