Déconfinement: Trudeau leaves the provinces to take their decisions after the recall of millions of tests

Déconfinement: Trudeau laisse les provinces prendre leurs décisions après le rappel de millions de tests

The provinces will have to decide for themselves if they expect to still go ahead with their plan déconfinement in the wake of the recall of millions of tests to be ineffective, he warned Justin Trudeau on Sunday morning.

As reported by the “Journal de Montreal” on Sunday, Health Canada suspended the licence test developed by Spartan BioScience, since these prove effective only once on two. Quebec had bought 200 000 tests and 100 devices diagnostics for $ 16 million and other provinces were also provided.

The prime minister has suggested, on Sunday morning, it is not surprising that when errors of the same kind have to be produced. “When we do this quickly, you also learn quickly the different levels of success or challenges in the face of various equipment”, dropped Mr. Trudeau, speaking of “the emergency” in which his government had to act in the fight against the pandemic, which has led to an acceleration of the process of registration of medical equipment.

The provinces that provide for an acceleration of the screening in the wake of the revival of their economies, however, will have to decide for themselves if they expect to maintain their plans. “My responsibility is to work with the provinces. […] Our role and our responsibility, it’s going to be to assist the provinces in achieving these targets [of screening],” said Mr. Trudeau.

Also, if the number of cases of COVID-19 begins to increase following the reopening of the economy, “it will be up to the province to respond”, has clarified the prime minister.

Virtual platforms and search

Furthermore, the prime minister announced a number of investments to support medical platforms online and fund research related to the coronavirus.

Thus, 240, $ 5 million will be dedicated to the creation of virtual tools dedicated to health care and mental health.

The investment “will provide access to health care and offer more appeals to Canadians”, welcomed Mr. Trudeau, arguing that the online platforms will be useful “for those times when it is not necessary to see a doctor in person.”

In addition, a total of 175,6 million dollars has been awarded to the firm columbian AbCellera Biologics, which seeks to develop drugs to combat the COVID-19 antibody using.

“Our investment will enable the company to continue its research and for a clinical effect that begins in July”, he said.

A bonus to the family Allowance for children of $ 300 per child is also expected to offer a “helping hand” to families in may.

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