Déconfinement: “We do not have the choice to go there”

Déconfinement: «On n'a pas le choix d’y aller»

The significant decrease in deaths related to the COVID-19 – it reported 34 Sunday – is it the sign that the pandemic is losing momentum in the province? In an interview with Mario Dumont, the microbiologist Karl Weiss said, “the sincere hope”, even if Québec is not immune to bad news.

“Yes, the numbers are decreasing, but there is still the impact of the death. To be really certain, it will be necessary to see the trends over several days. I think we reached the peak a few weeks ago, around the 19, 20, 21 April. It was on a plateau for a long time”, he added.

It is believed that a decrease in the number of cases is emerging, a scenario similar to what the european countries have already observed, but that the fight is far from won.

“I hope that, in the next two weeks, we will see a clear tendency to decrease.”

According to Dr. Weiss, that it does not re-examine the balance sheet to climb, several measures put in place need to remain absolutely: population-based screening, tight surveillance, tracing of contacts, test and isolation in NURSING homes, protection of personnel in the health care community with the appropriate equipment, in particular.

“We saw that in Quebec, the problem was the fact that the health workers were walking from one centre to the other. It is necessary to avoid this at all costs.”

He considers that too few people in Montreal wear the mask, and that preference should be given to this practice, in addition to the spacing social.

Déconfiner for health

Despite the challenge of the monitoring and the measures of separation social, he believes that the déconfinement is necessary for the physical and mental health of the population.

“We don’t have the choice as to whether to start a certain déconfinement, because there are impacts at the level of the health of the people. To treat cancer, heart disease, begin to review the patients. The Association of pediatricians is concerned a lot of the mental health of adolescents and children. Are we going to have a generation COVID-19? It is necessary that all of these people here are on again, a normal activity”, he says.

Same thing for the economy. “We know that, when economic activity decreases, it is associated with many mental health problems. He is going to go quietly, but we will not have the choice to go there,” judge he.

He points out that, since there is no manual written on the déconfinement, it is not impossible that it is necessary to go back, and maybe go faster when everything will be better.

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