Decor Easter eggs: cute unicorns

If you have a daughter, granddaughter or niece who loves pink ponies and magic unicorns, the Easter egg will cause the girl a storm of delight.

Декор Великодніх яєць: милі єдинороги

Already thinking how to paint eggs for Easter? If you plan to do this with children, forget about the purchase of the sticker and peel onions. Of course, red eggs are a tradition. But it’s boring, informs Rus.Media.

If you want to turn Easter eggs into works of art, then you should definitely use our advice.

This season quite a hot topic unicorns, so be sure to create some fabulously beautiful Easter eggs with your child.

What you will need:

  • eggs (your choice);
  • mini flowers (artificial);
  • Golden fabric;
  • adhesive;
  • felt-tip pen.

Make the angle in the form of a cone. You can just twist Golden fabric cone, you can make a horn out of construction paper and paste in foil, you can come up with a cardboard horn and cover the sequins.

Glue the horn on top of the eggs and then then glue the flowers, as shown in the figure. Use hot glue or transparent.

Декор Великодніх яєць: милі єдинороги

Eyes of the unicorn, draw with a permanent marker.

Декор Великодніх яєць: милі єдинороги