Deep-sea fish learn to distinguish colors

Глубоководные рыбы научились различать цвета

Fish that live at the bottom, developed a special vision that helps them to navigate in the permanent twilight.

Scientists have established that the species that live at depths of up to a mile, in the least explored habitats of the Earth, can see color in almost complete darkness, reports .

“The underwater world is almost plain, and most fish can only perceive the color blue. But we found some impressive exceptions,” said Dr. Fanny de Busseron from the University of Queensland.

“What is our life? Game!”Глубоководные рыбы научились различать цвета“World mind games”: the premiere of “World” Authors of the study examined more than one hundred genomes of fish. It turned out that some deep-sea species “expanded” gene rhodopsin – the main visual pigment.

The photopigments in the retinal cells help spinal to recognize colors. Each photopigment responds to a certain wavelength of light (for example, people are red, green and blue).

It was believed that color vision “works” only in the daylight. But some of the fish, for example, diretly (Diretmus argenteus), found more than 38 copies of the gene of rhodopsin. They probably can distinguish a wide range of colours even in the dark.

According to the authors, private deep-water species acquired this ability independent from each other.

Special eyesight allows them to capture bioluminescence (the light that emits living organisms, mostly other fish) and thus quickly learn who is before them is a predator or prey. This is extremely important for survival.

Earlier it was reported that in the shipping channel of Texas found fish mutants that can survive in very polluted water.