Deer : new methods very interesting

Chevreuil : nouvelles modalités très intéressantes

A few hours before the beginning of the application period for draw permits to hunt deer without wood, having knowledge of the new management plan 2020-2027, the reasons to enroll are more numerous than ever.

“With all of the new features of operations which will be implemented next fall, hunters will understand even more the importance of register in the draw,” says the biologist in charge of the file to the ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks, François Lebel.

“Whether it is the periods of hunting, the gear permitted, or the periods of hunting available in October and November, all elements that will have an impact on the level of the draw. “

The registration period will run from 14 may to 10 June, which will help win possibly a special permit.

“In a first time, fans will no longer see in the offer the licence of deer without wood first slaughter. It no longer exists. It has been abolished. In the areas where it was valid in the past, particularly in the Montérégie region, it will rather, if the herd allows it, with the issuance of the permit deer without wood, as it is done in the other areas. “

“Also, every hunter will now be able to avail themselves of two permits over the course of his hunting season. A hunter can then obtain a regular license and an additional permit, which will be at a lower cost. “

“There is no time limit for the purchase of these two permits. This may be done before or during the hunting period. The two permits in question will be associated with two areas of hunting different. The only exceptions to this new modality affect areas 5 west 8 east and 8 south. For these three areas only, the hunter will be able to buy two hunting license valid in the same area, ” says Mr. Lebel.


As was the case in the past, when you you enter in an area and you gain a special permit for the deer wood-free, when you purchase a licence for this area, you will see the extension of the permit. The permit won is still valid only in the designated area.

“If, for example, you come out the winner in zone 4 and you buy it for that area, the permit female to appear. If you want an additional permit at the same time, for example for zone 7, you can do so except that the driver’s female will not appear on this second permit since it is not obtained for this area. “

The taking of two deer in different areas, can be done during the same stay.

“There is no time in reality for the use of these permits. If you are at the limit of the two zones, and that in the morning you harvest your female in zone 4 and you save it, for example, you can in the after-noon harvest a second deer in the area at the side, the 7 north. If everything is done within the rules, that it takes a day, two days, or three or more, it doesn’t matter, ” explains the expert.

“We wanted to accommodate fans who do not necessarily have 10 days or even 15 days for hunting deer in the fall. We tried to do the best with the least constraints possible. “


It will now be possible to share your driver’s female that you have won, subject to certain conditions to be met.

“During the hunting season, it will be possible to share the licence of deer without wood with the immediate family,” says Mr. Lebel.

“There is a very narrow definition on the website of the ministry ( I can still mention that that means the grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters, the spouse, the children, and the children of his spouse. “

“This means that the hunter’s license holder can share his licence with the condition that it be valid. “

“If the holder harvest a buck the first day, the permit deer without a wood is automatically cancelled. Then the sharing can be done when the holder of the permit hunting with his valid permit, in the company of a family member who has a valid permit. “

“If a member of your family harvest a female, he will be able to save the beast, with his licence by using the licence of female valid from its parent that wants to share it. For example, if this is your case, you will be able to continue to hunt to harvest a buck only because your special permit has been cancelled by the sharing you have done. “

“The other hunter that has benefited from the sharing will no longer be able to hunt : his licence will be cancelled because he will have used his coupon for shipping on the beast. This is the recording that everything is going to confirm then that we are going to punch the part of your permit for the deer without wood. “

It is not necessary to be all the two of them together on the ground. If you agree to share your licence with your son, he may go alone on the hunting ground, having with him his driving licence valid, and yours is also valid. If you harvest a female, he shall affix his coupon of transport and it will go to the record to settle the case without you having to be present.

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