Defend the indefensible (2)

Defend the indefensible (2)

In my text last week , I denounced the fact that the film Mignonnes hypersexualizes four little girls to the delight of pedophiles.

We could have hoped that this sulphurous production was an isolated case, an unfortunate error in judgment of a filmmaker in need of attention. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg, the general public version of an effort to trivialize, or even accept, pedophilia.


This effort can be seen on several fronts.

At the academic level: Whether in American universities or at TED conferences, we teach that pedophilia is just a sexual orientation like any other, and that society should “alleviate” the suffering of pedophiles by accepting them.

At the legal level: California has just adopted law SB-145 which gives the right to a judge not to register a pedophile in the sex offender registry if the age difference between the adult and the minor is 10 years or less.

At the social level: We note the existence of associations like Nambla (North American association for love between men and boys) or the #MAP community (person attracted to minors), which allow claimed pedophiles to change. Efforts are also being made to join the LGBTQ + group.

If Epstein were still alive, he would be laughing out loud!


Are we sliding towards the acceptance of pedophilia? Are we going to accept the degeneration of society in the name of so-called “progress”? And why is there not a #MeToo movement to denounce this movement?

You can understand and accept a lot of things. But respecting children is not a social construction. And moral relativism must have limits. The health and safety of children must be the ultimate limit, impassable, if not downright sacred. Because to trivialize pedophilia today is to legalize it tomorrow.

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