Defend your love! The world celebrates the Day of the condom. 10 interesting facts

Today, February 13, celebrate the international day of the condom.

Захисти свою любов! Світ відзначає День презерватива. 10 цікавих фактів

Today, February 13, celebrate the international day of the condom. This date, which is celebrated on the eve of Valentine’s Day appeared in the calendar in 2007, and the associated activities with each year becoming more diverse, reports Rus.Media.

Campaign “Protect your love” dedicated to the International day of the condom, will take place today in Ukraine.

10 interesting facts about condoms

1. In Germany they are called “Parisian”, in France — “English hood”, in Italy — “glove”, in Lebanon — “coat”, “cap Jimmy,” South Africa — the “French letter”.

2. The Serbian Champions of safe sex staged their 18-meter condom on one of the monuments of Belgrade. Government action is not appreciated and fined activists for “unauthorized acehline monument.”

3. The representatives of divorced fathers Britain once pelted Tony Blair with condoms filled with a mixture of flour and ink. Condoms exploded in the air and covered the premiere of blue powder. When the buzz after this promotion is over, the media has raised another problem associated with the incident. Discussed as applied by British condoms are torn!

4. A condom can save a life. One woman during a cruise in the Caribbean at night after a few drinks fell overboard. To stay alive helped her box of condoms. Inflating them, she has built one kind of lifeline. Three days later, it picked up one of the boats that pass by.

5. Brazilian painter and sculptor adriana Bertini condom sculpture from sculptures and clothes to them.

6. In the Indian city of Varanasi 600 thousand condoms per day are used in the production of saris. Workers RUB condom machines shuttles that due to this unusual lubrication running smoothly.

7. The smugglers, as you know, swallow it, filling a previously illicit drugs to stomach to transport drugs across the border.

8. In the middle East use condoms in many places: the peasants carry them in the water; stretch them between layers of concrete to make the roof watertight properties; road workers throw them in vats of melting resin to give the pavement smoothness.

9. American soldiers in the desert pulled condoms on the barrel of a machine in order to protect the weapon from sand.

10. During a performance of the musical “Cats” artists put microphones under the tights, however, the artists sweat a lot during the performance, and if the microphone gets sweat, it can deteriorate. The microphones wearing condoms! During one show they used to 400.

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