Defense News: due to a political dispute, the NATO anniversary will remind the funeral

In early December, members of NATO will gather in London to mark the 70th anniversary of the military bloc, writes Defense News. But, very likely, the celebration will be marred, because all eyes will be on Trump, Erdogan and Macron, “which are rocking the unity” of the NATO, according to respondents edition experts.

Defense News: из-за политических разногласий юбилей НАТО будет напоминать похороны

GLP”When in early December the leaders of 29 countries of NATO will gather in London, nominally the main focus will be on celebrating the past and looking to the future. But analysts agree that while this meeting is announced as the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Alliance, because of the policy it would rather be like a funeral,” writes Defense News.

At a recent event organized by the “Atlantic Council”*, the supporters of NATO expressed the view that the London summit must “confirm the unity and the cohesion of the Alliance.” But gathered in the hall experts seriously doubted that the meeting in the British capital will be able to bypass political controversies. According to the publication, analysts in one voice say that the main focus of the summit will be focused on three presidents, “which shook the Alliance in recent years.” The first of them is Donald trump. He started to criticize NATO during the election campaign and at a recent meeting of the leaders of the military unit “hinted” that the United States can withdraw from the organization. The second President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. His decision to buy Russian anti-aircraft missiles against the wishes of NATO and send troops to Syria raised doubts about the reliability of Turkey as an ally, said Defense News. The company’s Trump and Erdogan were Emmanuel macron. French President shocked the allies an interview with The Economist in which he stated “brain dead” NATO, the newspaper reminds. Because of all these problems, the summit on the occasion of the anniversary of the Alliance “could result in something unpleasant,” said former Deputy Secretary General of NATO and former U.S. Ambassador Alexander Vershbow. As a result, according to him, “all the positive issues on the agenda, you can drown in the noise.” Vershbow agrees with Richard hooker, the former Director of the Russian and European direction in the national security Council of the United States. “I think that the time for the meeting of leaders chosen. Now converge the contradictions and the different events… I’m not sure that everything will go smoothly or that there will be a lot of smiles,” he says. Their concerns are shared by member of the house of representatives Ruben Gallego. He notes that every time NATO “dshows its dysfunction, “the U.S. Congress is more difficult to provide funding for the Alliance. “So ideally, I’d like to have all gathered, talked about future roles, and discussed their successes… don’t need no drama. I think this is one of the few cases where we should expect it very very boring, because boring means safe,” says Gallego. Of course, the policy will be not the only topic at the upcoming London summit. One of the Central issues will be the technological advantage of the Alliance over Russia and China, drew attention to Defense News. Former British Ambassador Edward Ferguson claims that at the meeting an agreement will be signed that will help NATO “to prepare, to defend and to reflect hybrid threats“. In addition, according to the diplomat, the leaders of the Alliance should recognize the space by the fifth theater of military operations following the cyberspace. Very likely, the conference will focus on high technology, including artificial intelligence. Expect a lively discussion of networks of the fifth generation and protection, says Defense News. Military mobility will also be one of the main topics, predicts analyst the RAND Corporation Kep Mar. She also hoped that NATO members will be discussing closer cooperation not only in military but also in civilian projects. All the interviewed experts believe that the political turmoil will not prevent NATO, which continues to strive to modernize. “If we consider the situation in the long term, then I am filled with confidence and optimism. All will be well,” says hooker. But at the same time, he adds: “I’m glad I’m not in London.” *”The Atlantic Council” (Atlantic council of the United States) — the organization that is recognized as undesirable in the territory of the Russian Federation by the decision of the Prosecutor General from 25.07.2019.

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