Defense News: Russia and Turkey are close to a deal for su-35

A source in the Turkish government reported that Moscow and Ankara are negotiating on a “serious level” on the purchase of Russian su-35, reports Defense News. It is expected that Turkey will purchase about two squadrons.

Defense News: Россия и Турция близки к сделке по Су-35

ReutersМосква and Ankara close to deal to supply the Turkish air force Russian multi-role su-35 fighters, according to Defense News, citing an anonymous source in the Turkish government.

“The negotiations have reached a very serious level. The transaction seems not so remote”, — assured source. According to him, Turkey may buy two squadrons of fighters, which is about 48 aircraft, although in the process of negotiating the scope of delivery can be adjusted. It is expected that Russia will request $50 million to $70 million per fighter. So, for two s-400 system, Turkey has paid $2.5 billion “Potential deal for su-35 has strategic importance for Russia. Moscow may agree to provide Ankara best price, bearing in mind the deal for s-400” — said the source. As recalled by Defense News, the purchase of su-35 could become the second major acquisition by Turkey of Russian military equipment. So, despite the dissatisfaction of the allies, in the summer began to supply Turkey air defense missile systems s-400. Meanwhile, Turkey is working on its first jet fighter own manufacture. Initially hoped to create a “national fighter” by 2023, but experts call the goal “unrealistic”. “However, we expect that our Russian partners will help our program to create a fighter with the transfer of certain technologies,” Defense News cites the words of the source.

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