Delfi: Turkey approves the plan of defense of the Baltic States and Poland?

Delfi: Турция одобрит план обороны стран Балтии и Польши?

Turkey on Wednesday agreed to approve the updated defense plans for the Baltic countries and Poland and thereby removed the last obstacle to their formal adoption, said the President of Lithuania Gitanos Nausea.”Reached an agreement in principle (…). We have no objections from Turkey, which did not allow us to put the final point in this story,” said Nausea to journalists after session of NATO leaders in London suburb of Watford.Turkey is the only [from NATO] — refused to approve the updated defense plans for the Baltic countries and Poland until agreement was reached on a similar plan for herself.Most controversy was caused by the aspiration of Turkey to determine operating in the North of Syria Kurdish militants in the West appreciate the fight against terrorist organization “Islamic state” (banned in Russia organization — approx. ed.)as terrorist groups.Nausea said that the situation with the Kurds was not discussed at the meeting of the leaders of the countries — members of NATO. “While this speech wasn’t, today it was not on the agenda, and I think that the issue we decide,” he said, answering the question of how NATO reacted to the demands of Turkey’s Kurds.Update defense plans Nausea called the practical implementation of the fifth article of the NATO Treaty, which enshrined the principle of collective defence. “Talking about the fifth article in the abstract, of course, possible, but it should have very concrete expression of collective defence, which is reflected in the plans are reflected in specific investments, and now we have this step will finally be able to do,” said the Lithuanian leader.First time the unit has approved the plan of defence of the Baltic States in 2010. Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland are making them constantly updated. Defense Minister Raimundas Karoblis at the NATO summit said to protect Lithuania from the Russian threat, in addition to detailed planning, you also need more military exercises and air defence capacity.Nausea also welcomed the decision of heads of countries — members of NATO to specify in a final Declaration to the Russian threat. The document States that “Russia’s aggressive actions threaten Euro-Atlantic security”. “At the negotiating table had the impression that many States understand how hectic modern world, and that one of the factors is the aggressive behavior of Russia towards its neighbors” — said the President.The President also said that NATO leaders discussed the economic expansion of China, particularly in the areas of technology and infrastructure.

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