Delicious and flavorful in the markets of Armenia appeared early varieties of strawberries

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Tatiana Konstantinova


The first strawberries appeared on the markets of Armenia. Early varieties of sweet berries are harvested in the fields of Ararat region. The correspondent of “MIR 24” Nona Hovhannisyan evaluated the harvest.

The first strawberries from the beds ripens here in Ararat region. This is the hottest region of the country, the average number of Sunny days a year here about 300.

Bright red berries, nielsine under the Armenian sun, collected through the day. Strawberry variety “Clery” early flowering and is not afraid of the cold. Therefore, for mass planting, the farmers chose it.

“Picking berries to gently, without affecting the surrounding stems. Cover the right hand stalk and pinch off her fingernails, not touching his fingers to the berry. Strawberries need to see from all sides, as it can be deceptive: on the one hand to be red, and the other is still bright, not ripe,” said a worker of the farm, Genetic Shahnazaryan.

With seven acres of land, the plan to collect approximately 140 tonnes of strawberries. Farmers use agricultural fiber is berries protects, but keeps moisture in the soil.

“Before planting, we necessarily analyze the soil. Fertilize it with phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and iron. Also missing elements are entered into the system of drip irrigation. Coupled with the agricultural fiber, it is saves us time and reduces losses”, – the head of the farm Joseph Sinjaev.

Strawberries – the berries are perishable, but when you create good conditions, the variety “Clery” loses its taste and appearance within five days.

“We Packed the berries in size: the large one in the pelvis, minor in the other. Take the strawberries over the tails so they don’t hurt, because it’s a soft berry, and the more you touch it, the faster it will deteriorate,” – said a worker of the farm Aida Antonian.

The farm supplies strawberries to the domestic market. In the future plans to increase the planting area up to 50 hectares, and exported berries in the EEU countries.