Delicious salad: chicken with mushrooms

Salad recipes that use chicken and mushrooms, can cause very, very much. Here is one of the most popular and delicious recipes. So how to cook salad with chicken and mushrooms?

Смачний салат: курка з печерицями

You will need to prepare:

  • 300 gr. chicken fillet,
  • 150 gr. mushrooms,
  • 2 medium onions,
  • 1 large carrot,
  • 200 gr. fresh cabbage,
  • 2 – 3 pickled cucumbers,
  • 100 gr. cheese;
  • mayonnaise and salt to taste.

Chicken fillet (or breast) boiled in water with little salt added. Then the meat is cooled and cut into cubes. Cabbage finely chopped, a little salt and knead with your hands, so it was juicier. Onions purify and cut into half rings. Carrots rubbed on a grater, then fry it with onions in vegetable oil. Mushrooms cleaned, washed, cut into strips and fried in oil. After which excess fat is eliminated, throwing the mushrooms in a sieve.

Next, grate cheese, and pickled cucumbers cut into cubes. All the prepared components of future lettuce pieces, seasoned mayonnaise and mix well.