Delicious salad “Wand”: never bored

The food is incredibly delicious, hearty, nutritious and juicy.

Приголомшливо смачний салат «Палочка-виручалочка»: ніколи не приїдається

Great salad will be for you a real lifesaver in any situation. It may be cooked just five minutes, only 4 ingredients. And the result is this dish incredibly tasty, hearty, nutritious and juicy. This salad can feed a family, as a bean is a meat substitute: she is a very hearty product. And if it does, with dried bread, no garnish no longer need. Salad with beans and crackers are considered a snack, but it could be a full meal. The salad is quite filling, nutritious and heavy. It can be eaten for Breakfast or lunch and feel full until the evening. Those who follow the figure, this salad should not eat in the evening. This salad can be used as a filling for tartlets and sandwiches: he is good spread on bread, informs Rus.Media.

A quick salad

The composition of the products

  • 200 grams of red beans, canned in own juice;
  • 100 grams of cheese;
  • one pickled cucumber;
  • 40 grams of rye crackers;
  • one clove of garlic;
  • 50 grams of mayonnaise.

Step-by-step cooking process

If you have the opportunity and the remains of stale bread, prepare the croutons by themselves, especially because a lot of the time it will take. Prescription from our site you can cook the crispy crackers with different flavors for literally 25 minutes.

The Council

If in a salad to add a different crackers, and the taste of the finished dish will change: try looking better (for me) combination.

With canned in its own juice beans drain all liquid (best to drain it in a colander) and put in a deep bowl.

Hard cheese cut into small (I would even say small) cubes. Pickled cucumber cut into cubes the same size as the cheese. Send a curd and cucumber in a bowl with the beans. Add to other ingredients rye crackers and passed through the press a clove of garlic. Dressed with mayonnaise, mix thoroughly.

The Council

For salads it is best to use homemade mayonnaise: it is not only delicious, but also very useful. Recipes mayonnaise for every taste, you can watch on our site.

Finish the salad, decorate with greens and serve.