Deltell wants to have “the hour” on the Quebec bridge and asked Duclos

Deltell veut avoir «l’heure juste» sur le pont de Québec et interpelle Duclos

The conservative mp Gérard Deltell press the president of the Treasury Board, Jean-Yves Duclos, “to give the right time” on the folder of the Quebec bridge, which has sunk into oblivion during the pandemic.

The three conservative mps from the Quebec city region conducted a review of the last session of parliament in Ottawa, Friday morning, denouncing the thick “fog” in which many local records have been immersed in the last few months.

Accompanied by the deputies Pierre Paul-Hus and Joel Godin on the Circle of the Garrison of Quebec, Gérard Detell challenged directly the liberal member for Quebec, Jean-Yves Duclos, who is the head of the Treasury Board, including in the folder of the Quebec bridge.

“It is an element that we had all escaped during the crisis, and we understand… everyone had to head elsewhere on the 13th of march, we first. But the report was expected in the month of march. It is rendered in the month of June and I have to remind you that five years ago, it was in the middle of the election campaign and the liberals have said they were going to address the issue by 30 June 2016”, said Mr. Deltell.

The report to which it refers must be drawn up by the former boss of the Industrial Alliance Yvon Charest, appointed in August 2019 as special negotiator in order to resolve the impasse on the maintenance of the bridge eaten away by rust. It should normally submit its report with its recommendations by the end of the month of march. “If it has been filed, it must be public”, insisted Mr. Deltell.

According to information from the Newspaper, a preliminary report on the Quebec bridge has been passed by the special negotiator Yvon Charest in Ottawa, in march. The final report, which contains its recommendations for the future of the infrastructure centenary, has also been sent in the last few days.

Of developments “soon”, promises-we

Attached to Friday in the early afternoon, Yvon Charest has not wanted to make comments. The Treasury Board Secretariat, it is stated that the delivery of the report was delayed by the pandemic, but the file follows its course “and we will soon have more to say about it,” said the director of communications, Karl Sasseville.

“The case of the Quebec bridge has always been a priority for Mr. Duclos and he will remain as long as it will not be settled once and for all, as we promised to do. It is somewhat ironic that the conservatives are interested in now, the ones who have not lifted a finger for ten years,” he added, in reply to the remarks of Mr. Deltell.

Murder Marylène Lévesque

Mp Pierre Paul-Hus has demanded the resumption of the parliamentary committees to advance issues “urgent public safety, such as Marylène Levesque”, who was murdered in January in a hotel of Sainte-Foy by Eustachio Gallese, which was then a semi-freedom controversial. The works were suspended due to the pandemic.

“We must have answers on the back of Marylène Lévesque. If the Trudeau government triggers elections in the fall, you can be assured that the work done up to now will remain in the fog and the answers will fail”, he warned.

State of the public finances

In search of transparency on the state of the deficit and public finance in Ottawa, Gérard Deltell was also arrested Jean-Yves Duclos on this issue. “As president of the Treasury Board, it is at the heart of the financial decisions of the government. It is him which, every day, sees the money that goes in and out. And he has been unable, until now, to give us precisely the figures since the beginning of the pandemic,” said M. Deltell.

It doubt that Canadians will be satisfied of the portrait of the economy and finance, which should be unveiled on 8th July by the Trudeau government. “This is not an economic update, it is a snapshot, it is the word used by Mr. Morneau’s [the Finance minister].”

The conservatives have also denounced again in the terms and conditions of the Provision of canadian emergency (PKU), which affect several companies and represent an obstacle to hiring.

“Businesses are screaming because it is a problem… We are in search of workers! We want to revive the economy, but the federal government is short-circuiting. [It] is not working in the best interest of Canadians”, has pestered the member for Portneuf–Jacques-Cartier, Joel Godin.

– With the collaboration of dr. Taïeb Moalla

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