Dementia and courage against collective Lancelot

Слабоумие и отвага против коллективного Ланцелота

Let, let me start at the beginning! I have all passing! (1st head, Evgeny Shvarts “Drakon”)

Friends, you have not read “1984” by George Orwell? No time? Don’t worry!

Now you can just watch the video just now held parliamentary hearings on “safety of journalists” and to plunge into the atmosphere of dystopia, created by British writer. Completeness of impressions guaranteed!

By the way, “pigs” (from “Barnyard”) there were also present.

Well, what else would you call “Big Brother” (read – “Servants of the people”), which with admirable perseverance promoted the thesis: “All media are equal, but some are more equal than others”?

A special taste of surrealism was felt when the former workers, mnogostanochnik Ukrainian “Radio Mille Collines” – the Minister of culture Vladimir Borodyansky (“SLM” Pinchuk) and the head of the humanitarian Committee, Alexander Tkachenko (“1+1” Kolomoisky) with a kind of Patriotic anguish told about the inadmissibility of “manipulating information” and “distribution of fakes”.

It’s funny!

Isn’t it the media repeatedly caught in stupid lies and hate speech Anatoly Shary? Not one of these “irons”, in the “247”, we were fed information “Mivina”? Something like a communique from the “Dragon” of Eugene Schwartz: “Weakened Putin has lost everything and is partially captured! The remaining part randomly resist! Things are quite blagopoluchnogo. A time of war. Have to endure!”

Well, when the above-mentioned “servant” has proposed to introduce a statutory concept of “manipulation of information” and criminal responsibility for it, to create a “special prosecution division” in the attorney General Ruslan Ryaboshapka here and the “special investigation” at the head of the interior Ministry Arsen Avakov, was clear: the most serious of possible violations in Ukraine will continue to be… Yes – a “thoughtcrime”!

I wanted to shout: “Lord! Don’t stop! Include in the criminal code “criminal hint” by Stanislaw LEM! Even wrong from the point of view of the ideology of power, the facial expression also should be punished!” With the whole, you know, libertarian severity! As once said Avakov – with the help of “criminal minds.”

With the appearance on the podium of the “angry public” from the “correct” and “Patriotic” media, the essence of the Sabbath “freedom for the few” revealed in all its glory. And was given the answer to the question: “who are the judges?”

For example, the “public” in the face of “public servants” Olga Wasilewska-Smaglyuk offered “…to check… distribution of the separate channels… ideas and theses that may threaten the national interests of Ukraine…”. And “the public” from Detector “media” said that this TV “112 Ukraine” and NewsOne, which – Oh, horror! – “… promote the Pro-Russian rhetoric…”.

Yeah, don’t be surprised! Journalism without propaganda, without the national-militaristic hysteria, providing the opportunity to speak to anyone, the philosophy of freedom of opinion, messages about the need for peace and fatigue of Ukrainians from the war, criticism of the ongoing “rsaci reform” due to the austerity of the people (already on the throat of the people) – everything is a threat to national security and Pro-Russian rhetoric.

When there were demands of “public”: “to revise the concept of the professional journalist” (in the sense – divided into “right” and “wrong”) and stop “pandering to Russian aggression,” it seemed now under the dome of Rada will play the official anthem “You Oceania!” and above the podium materialized portrait of Big Brother…

Wait! Zelensky or Poroshenko? Pinchuk or Kolomoisky? Uncle Sam?

And does it matter? Because, in fact, voting in the elections against the “former” we got the same “former” only in profile. And these “new” wearing a mask “servants of the people”, continue to implement the old world as a program: the people must be kept in fear, stupidity and hunger. The people lived in one reflex is to get a piece of bread. To wonder: who, how and under what slogans it Rob?

Here, only the Lord libertarians slightly miscalculated, choosing as my motto on his shield: “what an idiot!”

Just because they are not able to understand in principle: the entire pool boy media: NewsOne, “112 Ukraine” ZIK “Страна.UA” is not “whipping boys”. It is quite Mature and formed a collective Lancelot. Yes, and multimillion audience of these publications is not a dumb redneck from “1984”, it’s not a stupid townspeople Eugene Schwartz who is in fear chant of power, “equal to heaven” and “House knew… and the parade… (shrugs.)”.

So next, the head of the Dragon remains to wish you success… in a desperate way resistant to the curtailment of its time in power.

P. S. “I went to the hearings on freedom of speech, and came to the presentation of the Tribunal against journalists” (Olesya Medvedeva, journalist “Страна.UA”)Alexey Kurakin

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