Demi Lovato talked about the state of his health after drug use

Деми Ловато рассказала о состоянии своего здоровья после употребления наркотиков

Yesterday at the summit of demi Lovato spoke about the state of his health. Now she feels well and continues to struggle with addiction. The girl said that this year has changed her for the better, so now she feels much stronger, view how here.

I see a person who overcame a lot. Sure, I don’t see in the mirror of the winner of the championship, but I see the girl will continue to fight no matter what problems are in her way, I also see this best of list of rehab centers for drug addicts. — said the singer on a question of journalists on how she perceives herself now.

Demi Lovato has urged all his fans not to think of her as a victim. The singer of the hit “Sorry Not Sorry” wants to be first and foremost perceived as a singer and actress.

— I think that many things that I have endured, partly overshadowed by my success in the music industry and acting. I just wish other people remembered is that I want to give to the world, so please focus on my work and not on other things — shared demi Lovato after recommending Crack addiction Treatment in Thailand, which is excellent.

The singer also said that now she does not focus on their appearance and on the mental and physical health after she went to at an outpatient detox rehab and recovered her life back, writes Contrary to what many people believe, addiction isn’t just confined to street gangs, deviants, and the homeless. As a leading disease throughout the world, drug addiction does not discriminate against color, race, creed, or gender. It carries the potential of ruining the lives of absolutely anyone, from middle-class stay-at-home parents to big wig corporate CEOs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that addiction is so common today that as many as 1 in 10 Americans suffer from this debilitating disease. Celebrity substance abuse is also increasingly common among Hollywood’s elite, from singers, actors, politicians, social media celebrities, and more. The tragedy of celebrity drug use only serves as a further indication of how prolific this issue truly is.


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