Democratic primary: after the debate, the candidates return to the field

Primaires démocrates: après le débat, les candidats de retour sur le terrain

Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders in the lead, the candidates to the nomination democratic for the u.s. presidential sailed Saturday New Hampshire, the second State to vote in the primary on Tuesday, a week after their kick-off calamitous in the state of Iowa.

The young ex-mayor of a medium-sized town in Indiana, the program is moderate and a unifier, and the senator a “socialist” self-proclaimed emerged from the television debate that brought together Friday night in Manchester the seven qualified candidates.

They lead the party polls in this State mostly white in the north-eastern United States, with a small advance for Bernie Sanders, 78 years, thanks to its location in the Vermont neighbor.

“We are very well placed to win here,” said his rival Pete Buttigieg, who hopes to attract ” democrats and independents and even some republicans that will come through the not “.

Both men have the wind in their sails after having claimed each victory after the first vote in the democratic primary in Iowa on Monday.

The poll, which opened the primary season, however, has turned into a fiasco. The official results, released only Thursday, were honeycombed with error, and the democratic party had to decide to not declare any winner as long as the newsletters have not been reverified.

Unknown to the general public a year ago, Pete Buttigieg has become at the age of 38 a credible challenger, and has been the target of hostile attacks during the debate.

“New challenges “

Former us vice-president Joe Biden, 77 years old and a favorite of the national surveys, but relegated to fourth place in Iowa, stressed his lack of national experience as a former ” mayor of a small town “, South Bend (100 000 inhabitants).

“We have a newcomer to the White House and look where it led “, has ironisé senator moderate Amy Klobuchar, fifth in Iowa, but who has marked the spirits on Friday night.

Bernie Sanders has attacked the wealthy donors of ” Mayor Peter “, the “40 billionaires of the pharmaceutical industry and Wall Street” which, according to him finance his campaign.

Senator progressive Elizabeth Warren, who arrived third on Monday, has also condemned his record of arrests of Blacks for cannabis consumption (more than half, while they only account for 30 % of the population of South Bend, in) during his tenure of mayor between 2012 and 2019.

The former local official has willingly admitted to not being ” the man with the most years of experience in Washington “. He advocated the end of “the politics of the past” and offers a “different perspective” in the face of the ‘new challenges’ of America.

“I like the idea of having a president younger “, said Saturday at the AFP Cameron Landry, a student in the communication of 24 years in the State of Rhode Island.

This voter undecided came to listen to Joe Biden in Manchester, the largest city in New Hampshire. “The positive for him is that he doesn’t need training” to be president, he judged.

Bloomberg in ambush

If Iowa has created a new dynamic for co-winners, the primary in New Hampshire would mark a setback for the other candidates, in the case of a poor score.

Elizabeth Warren, third in the recent local surveys, and Amy Klobuchar, fifth, have negotiated the obstacle of the debate and hope to stay in the race.

The pressure is even stronger on Joe Biden, behind in polls and local which was reorganized in emergency his team this week.

He has been fighting Friday night against Bernie Sanders, saying that the label of “socialist” would bring together a large majority, he was invested by the party. He acknowledged, however, do not expect to come out the winner on Tuesday.

“I would have hoped for it to do better” in Iowa, but ” I’m not ready to disqualify him “, told AFP Erin Kerry, a financial analyst from Massachusetts came to attend on Saturday at a campaign event Joe Biden.

The former right-arm of Barack Obama, mainly bounce the primaries of southern States, where it enjoys the support of the black community in South Carolina on the 29th of February, then during the “Super Tuesday” on march 3.

However, it will then count down with the former New York city mayor Michael Bloomberg, who embody like him in the moderate wing of the party.

Billionaire the budget is almost unlimited, the businessman has spent hundreds of millions of dollars of advertisements prior to its entry into the fray.

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